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Ukrainian FM on Donbas: «Security should be there and Russia should be out»
While Ukraine struggles to implement key conditions of the Minsk agreements, its foreign minister, Pavlo Klimkin, called on Russia to leave Donbas in DW interview.
08 October 2016, 13:44
“Coup d’etat in “DPR” – clashes between Russian curators (updated) VIDEO
The illegal “DPR” organization claims that there has been a “coup d’etat”. .
05 September 2015, 11:52
Main News of Donbas over the week of 23-29 March 2015
On 25 March, near the town of Artemovsk, a bus with passengers hit a mine and exploded.
31 March 2015, 02:00
Peaceful Protests of pro-Russia Activists – Press Review
When the new government came, new disaffected people appeared. Rallies to support Russia and Putin stormed in Donetsk.
Can Russia's Idea of Separatism Succeed in the Ukrainian Donbas?
Vitaly Sizov
Today 2 demonstrations took place in Donets. At 11:00 activists from pro-Russian parties and organizations started gathering on the Lenin Square.
Review of Main Topics in Donetsk Press Media
Review of Main Topics in Donetsk Press Media (for the last week).