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“Coup d’etat in “DPR” – clashes between Russian curators (updated) VIDEO

“Coup d’etat in “DPR” – clashes between Russian curators (updated) VIDEO

The illegal “DPR” organization claims that there has been a “coup d’etat”. The rumors about that have been actively spread in social networks. In particular, different sources inform that “DPR” members Andrey Purgin and Aleksey Aleksandrov are not allowed to enter the occupied territory of the Donetsk region at Uspenka checkpoint. At the same time, in occupied Donetsk, the session of the so-called “people’s council” was held under the guidance of Denis Pushylin. Thus, the rumors of seizing the occupational power by Pushylin and his supporters have started spreading among “DPR” members.

As it was informed by journalist Oleksiy Matsuka in live broadcast of Donbas Public TV, Andrey Purgin went to Russia to have talks with Vyacheslav Volodin, first deputy of the chief of RF presidential administration.

“As it is known, Volodin has feuded with RF president’s assistant Vladislav Surkov for a long time. The inner conflict has been going on. Per se, Denis Pushylin is Surkov’s man, and Purgin is Volodin’s representative. Thus, we are witnesses of the fight for power between Russian political figures Surkov and Volodin”, Matsuka informs.

The recording of the telephone conversation with Aleksey Aleksandrov has appeared on the net. In it Aleksandrov said what had happened to them at the checkpoint. In particular, he claimed that Pushylin forced the “deputies” to vote “no confidence” to “people’s council office”.

“… the person who introduces himself differently, either as“head of the service” or as “deputy minister” refused to let me enter the “Donetsk republic” without any motivation. I remind you, “the head of the Donetsk republic office” was refused entry, without any motivation, with reference to the oral order of the “minister” or Mr Pushylin, or vice versa. One time it was Pushylin’s order, another time the order was made by … When I asked him to show any documents, he refused to do it. Our car was placed in the corner where we spent several hours, and it was very hot. There is a long line of those who want to enter Russia. Nobody regulates it, but half of the customs officers were dealing with us as if they had nothing else to do, by the way. Then a group of “deputies” arrived. They did not present any intelligible explanation. So, a big group of “deputies” and journalists arrived and, to our surprise, we found out that Mr Pushylin expelled 5 “deputies” out of the hall. Forty four deputies remained, and Pushylin tried vote of no confidence to the “people’s council office”. I emphasize we have not enacted a lot of laws; they are ready, but not enacted because physically we can’t do it due to the lack of time – our “republic” is very young. However, Pushylin finds time for such demarches and various trips when he disappears for weeks and nobody knows where he is, and then he undermines the “people’s council” from the inside. More than that, I want to inform that we were in Saint Petersburg where we reached an agreement with the legislative assembly on all-round cooperation. They promise legal assistance in training “deputies”, experience exchange, and a lot of interesting programs. I mean, we brought a lot of interesting teaching programmes for “people's council deputies”as our “republic” is young, and programmes for the establishment, lawyers and specialists. We are risking all this now because of Mr. Pushylin's ambitions. It looks like he wants to be the leader of the “republic”, I cannot see any ground for this ambition, but it's obvious and it is a threat for the “republic”. Stability of the “republic” is under a threat, our economical and political situation is very hard now. 2/3 of the “republic” are occupied. That's why it's impossible for this little bastartd (?) to do such tricks. They are a crime against the “republic”, said a man, who is introduced on the tape as a “DPR” member Aleksey Aleksandrov.

Eduard Limonov, Russian political activist, confirmed this information in his LiveJournal.

“Emergency in “DPR”. I'm going to post two messages I got without any commentaries: I inform you that at 1.39 pm I got a message that “Andrey Purgin (chairman of people's council of DPR) and Aleksey Aleksandrov are not allowed to enter the DPR territory by the officers of the DPR Ministry of State Secutiry.”

Purgin and Aleksandrov are at Uspenka checkpoint now.
Deputies of the DPR people's council, who support Purgin, state that Denis Pushylin is behind all this. Deputies ask to share this information as much as possible”, wrote Limonov.

He also quoted the second message:

“Deputies Dvoryadkina T., Shaftner E. And others have blocked the tribune in the session hall. Some deputies have headed to Uspenka, to see Purgin. Mr. Pushylin has taken the authority to expell the deputies who left the session hall. Dvoryadkina and Shaftner, Purgin's supporters, remain in Donetsk for now.”

Later Limonov wrote that a journalist, who was making a video of the session of the people, who call themselves “DPR deputies”, was detained in the hall.
A fight broke out at the checkpoint. Limonov informs that the “deputies” were recovered, but after that the traffic was blocked by armed people.

“Urgent information. They are blocked by armed people. Their guns are activated and they are ready to shoot”, wrote Limonov.

Militants of the so-called “Ministry of State Safety of DPR” arrested Aleksey Aleksandrov, who is the son of Aleksey Aleksandrov, head of people's council administration.

The so-called “Ministry of State Safety of DPR” stated that information that Andrey Purgin, “DPR” member was blocked and detained at Uspenka checkpoint was apocryphal. According to the message of the “State Safety Ministry”, Aleksy Aleksandrov, “DPR” member was refused entry to the occupied territory of the Donetsk region because of his “destructive activity”.

He was detained while an attempt to enter Donetsk, and Andrey Purgin, “DPR” member, who calls himself a “people's council deputy”, was helping Aleksandrov to cross the border at the entrance to Donetsk.

“Ministry of State Safety of DPR” claims that Purgin is helping Aleksandrov to hide from judicial bodies.

Later it transpired that Andrey Purgin and his wife were in the building of “Ministry of State Safety of DPR” together with Aleksandrov. The building of former Donetsk Regional Council which now hosts the “DPR” session is surrounded by military personnel wearing civilian clothes.

Видео: "Общественное ТВ Донбасса"

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