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Main news of Donbas: Election results were declared in Mariupol; “Public Radio” launched one more transmitter in Volnovakha

Main news of Donbas: Election results were declared in Mariupol; “Public Radio” launched one more transmitter in Volnovakha

State Election Commission announced who is to be Mariupol mayor

Vote counting finished in Mariupol. The majority of votes were cast for Vadym Boychenko (88093). Maksym Borodyn gets 7595 votes, Yuriy Ternavsky gets 10207  votes. 118923 ballots were registered, 1956 persons voted at home. 1892  ballots were recognized as invalid. The decree #144 of the Territorial Election Commission declared Vadym Boychenko the town head of Mariupol.

Three political parties get into Mariupol Town Council

According to the territorial commission, three politicl parties get into Mariupol Town Council: “Opposition Block”, “People's Power” and “Nash Kray”. The seats are divided as follows: 45 deputies represent “Opposition Block”, 5 deputies represent  “People's Power” and 4 deputies represent “Nash Kray”.

Three caches with shells and explosives were found in the Donetsk region

The press service of the Security Service of Ukraine found three caches with shells, explosives and fifteen shells for heavy mounted grenade launcher in the vicinity of the village of Novomykhailivka (Maryinka district). Two HE fragmentation shells of 152 mm caliber were found in the cache in the village of Tsukuryne (the Donetsk region). Besides, another cache with three 200 grams TNT blocks was found in one of abandoned Avdiivka garages.

Mariupol sea port decreased the amount of cargoes processed by 57,4% in November

Mariupol trade sea port decreased the amount of cargoes processed by 57,36% in November 2015 compared to November 2014. In November 2015 processing of exported cargoes decreased by 21,89%, processing of imported cargoes decreased by 92,09%, transit cargoes were not processed at all. The sea port increased processing liquid cargoes by  40,2%, up to 14,02  thousand tons, processing of dry cargoes was decreased by 90,65%, processing of packaged cargoes decreased by 20,91%. In general, during the period of January-November 2015, the port decreased cargo processing by 29,35%, up to  8,501 mln tons in comparison to the same period in 2014.

New head of the police was intrduced to Siverodonetsk officers

Andriy Baturenko, Police Major, the acting head of the police department was introduced to the officers today, on December 2. On this day he also held a meeting with heads of the department subunits.

”Public Radio” launched one more transmitter in Volnovakha

Today, on December 2, “Public Radio” launched the last transmitter in the Donbas, which broadcasts at ELF frequency band of 66,05 MHz. Currently, “Public Radio” broadcasts at frequency band 10 in Kyiv and in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. “Public Radio” started broadcasting in the Donbas in November 2015. In particuler, in the Donetsk region it broadcasts in Volnovakha (103, 8 MHz), Krasnoarmiysk (99, 6 MHz) and Kramatorsk (103, 2 MHz). In the Luhansk region, “Public Radio” broadcasts in Starobilsk (90,2 MHz), Bilovodsk (92,6 MHz), Bilolutsk (100,0 MHz), Zorynivka (103,7 MHz), Shyroke (101,8 MHz).

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