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Report from Kyiv: People curse everyone who bears arms; however, they are not ready to rebel against them PHOTOS

Report from Kyiv: People curse everyone who bears arms; however, they are not ready to rebel against them PHOTOS

People are tired of two years of war, poverty, vain hopes and, listening to shots and explosions, they curse both, militants and the Ukrainian Army. It is difficult to say what was more exhaustive for Donetsk residents, war or empty promises of peace with the felp of the Minsk accords.

The majority of Donetsk, Makiivka, Yenakieve, Khartsyzsk locals, who turned into conflict hostages, are civilians and the fact that they have not clearly defined their attitude to the sides of the conflict, deteriorates their position.

Unfortunately, they hardly understand this and just hope that peace will come back by itself, without their contribution. This is a traditional mistake of many generations which is a part of the Donbas mentality. People did not believe that their voice mattered, but sooner or later they will have to choose — whether they want to live with “junta” (Ukrainian authorities) or “defenders” (pro-Russian militants.)

The majority of Donetsk residents curse weapons-bearers but are not ready to rebel against them.

They do not like the Ukrainian Army but they hate the “DPR” faction even more.

There are less armed militants in the city now, but they patrol the streets in small groups.

Those locals who were lucky to find jobs, get scanty salary (the exchange rate is 1 UAH to 2 rubles, though the real one in 1 UAH to 2.6 rubles).

Food and commodities prices are much higher that on the neighbouring Ukraine-controlled territory, there is no petrol and not enough gas for proper heating. No one is going to restore destroyed city outskirts.

People are tired of armed militants, but they are not ready for an uprising.

The material is published within the framework of “Donbas: Full Access” project which is realized with the help of a Joint Programme between the European Commission and and the Council of Europe for Ukraine “Strengthening information society in Ukraine”.

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