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Main news of Donbas: “Maryinka” checkpoint was opened; A car carrying servicemen hit a mine in the Luhansk region

Main news of Donbas: “Maryinka” checkpoint was opened; A car carrying servicemen hit a mine in the Luhansk region

The number of militants' provocations decreased

During the night of Tuesday, December 15, the illegal armed formations 11 times tried to provoke Ukrainian servicemen to return fire. Militants continued shelling ATO positions at random in Pisky, Opytne and Avdiivka, using small arms and grenade launchers. ATO Headquarters inform that there was no need for Ukrainian Forces to return fire.

”Maryinka” checkpoint was opened in ATO zone

One more entry-exit checkpoint, “Maryinka”, was opened in the Donbas on December 15. The situation at the entry-exit checkpoints along the ATO zone demarcation line has remained quite dynamic in the last few weeks. The amount of passengers and vehicles has increased greatly. Border guards are able to let six thousand people and one and a half thousand vehicles through the checkpoint during one working day (from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Maryinka checkpoint is situated about two kilometres away from the demarcation line.

A vehicle carrying Ukrainian servicemen hit an explosive in Stanytsya Luhanska district

On monday, December 14, a vehicle carrying Ukrainian servicemen hit an unknown explosive which blasted as a result. The servicemen were moving along a bypass road in the vicinity of Nyzhneteple village, they were carrying logs on a “MAZ” car. The rear right wheel was damaged.

Civil servants of the Luhansk region illegally leased out 700 hectares of land

Law enforcers of the Luhansk region discovered that more than 700 hectares of land were illegally leased out by a number of private organizations. According to the legislation defining the regulations for usage of land, land plots and reserve lands can be leased out only if an open tender is held. Civil servants of state geological cadastral register and district council had ignored the prosedure for leasing land out and had defined the market patricipants who are leaseholders in advance. A number of enterprises leased 100 hectares of Kremensky district land for a year without any legal ground. The estimated damage to the state is 500 thousand UAH. 

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