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«Common Kulik»: Why the power will stick to the guns defending the militaty prosecutor

«Common Kulik»: Why the power will stick to the guns defending the militaty prosecutor

A week has passed since the publication about the elitereal property of the ATO forces' military prosecutor Kostyantyn Kulik and his close connection with business. We should know a number of other facts:
- about a flat the price of which is not less than $ 400,000; the flat was presented to the prosecutor and had belonged to a businessman;

- about the fact that the ATO forces prosecutor was a transport prosecutor in the past and is a quarantor of a businessman who was quite successful in the transport area;

- about other peices of real property and cars which have been purchased for the last year by the prosecutor's family though the official income of the prosecutor is his salary which is quite moderate.

Photo: Kostyantyn Kulik

In spite of the abundance of information, Kulik is silent and does not make any statements; his cheif, Chief Prosecutor of the ATO forces Anatoliy Matios, is silent; the departments responsible for law enforcement are silent; central MM are silent too. 

The situation is really delicate for the military prosecutor's office and the Ukrainian power. Nothing can be said. How to explain to people that a military prosecutor is presented a huge flat? What to do? To be silent hoping that journalists will not raise the question. If you start saying somethig trying to justify yourself, the whole work of the military prosecution office will be questioned.

Did “Tornado” militaries torture the prisoners as the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios claims? Maybe, but it will not matter when people get information about real property transactions of the chief prosecutor of the ATO forces. Who tries and accuses volunteers and militaries? Do these people have a moral right to try and accuse anybody?

After the story told by Matios about a thermal imager with the help of which an unknown killer presumably wanted to kill General Prosecutor Victor Shokin through armoured glass and curtains, very few people believe him.

When it has become known that the ATO prosecutor and the people around him  were gaining property and cars, who will believe in anyhting?

To question the moral right of the ATO forces prosecutor to hold the position means to question the whole presidential power including the military prosecutor's office which were fighting publicly and strenuously with criminals among the police and security cervice volunteers. That is why the power will fight for the prosecutor to the last, and the outcome will depend on the public opinion and response which have been absent so far.

With anticorruption forums and a soup-opera-style series of arrests and trials of Hennadiy Korban at the background, nobody will notice any discrepancy between formal income and life style of the ATO chief prosecutor. 

Nobody paid attention to the arrrest of Oleksandr Ruzhanskiy, ex-volunteer, who was the first to make public the information about the new property of the ATO prosecutor.

Photo: Oleksadr Ruzhanskiy

The court arrested the father of two minor children for two months because he evaded the investigation. Ruzhanskiy does not believe in the objectivity of the military prosecutor's office. He has the right not to trust it.

Half a year ago he fought with two residents of Kramatorsk. As Ruzhnskiy says, they attacked him because they did not like Ukrainian militaries. Ruzhanskiy had to use a traumatic gun. One of the attackers was a criminal released from prison by the occupational authorities in the Crimea. He openly supported the Russian aggression in a social nerwork where he “liked” photos with dead Ukrainian soldiers. The attackers had light injuries. Ruzhanskiy was beaten. The military prosecutoin devided the incident into two parts, took the case with the gun from the police and started a separate investigation.

Ruzhanskiy said that the investigator offered “bargaining” to him to avoid punishment; Ruzhanskiy refused. Did that really happen? I do not know, though I know how law enforcers work in this country, so, that may have happened. Do I trust the military prosecutor's office? When I found out that the main representative of the prosecutor's office in the ATO zone accepts elite flats as gifts and his family buy cars which cost a hundred thousand dollars, I question everything said by them.

The decision to arrest Ruzhanskiy was made by a former judge of Voroshylovskiy district of Donetsk Larysa Pereverzeva. She was transferred to Kramatorsk only on April 15, 2015. The judge from the occupied territory will always be “hooked” by the power.

In Donetsk, she became known because of a number of resonance cases. In 2012, she sent Donetsk activist Kostyantyn Lavrov to prison for 5 years because he was against the construction of a house by the company of runaway president Yanukovych's son's company. Lavrov was found guilty of extorting money from a company's official. The only thing he could be guilty of was fraud which had to be proved. Still he was sent to prison for 5 years.

It was evident that the case was politically motivated, in other words, “ordered”, and Lavrov was relased 5 days after Yanukovych's runaway.

They told me that this court will be objective in Ruzhanskiy's case. Do I believe this? Of course, not.

It is naive trying to find justice and legitimacy, and  to belive in the objectivity of  the prosecutor with illegal income and a “pet” judge.

Such naivity is expected of us by “common Kulik” when nobody prevents them from deciding Ruzhanskiy's fate while we are absorbed with political shows and making New Year salads.

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