Новости Донбасса

Main news of Donbas: 47 shellings in 24 hours; Difficult situation with the flu

Main news of Donbas: 47 shellings in 24 hours; Difficult situation with the flu

Reports from the front

Militants selled strongholds of ATO positions 47 times in 24 hours on January 17-18. It was not quiet in the vicinity of Donetsk and Mariupol. According to Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues, there were not any casualties among Ukrainian servicemen in the last 24 hours.

News from the territory controlled by Ukrainian government

According to the information of Donetsk Regional State Administration, 150 cases of hypothermia have been observed in the region, four of them were fatal.

Journalists of “Nashi Hroshi” programme found out that two new SUVs and money for an expensive gym membership for his partner were discovered in Kostyantyn Kulyk's (head of ATO Prosecutor's Office) flat.

According to Heorhiy Tuka, head of Luhansk regional military and civil administration, the iformation about the prosecutor's corrupt activity is “information resistance” to the investigation into the case of firing at a mobile patrol on September 2. A volunteer and a fiscal service employee were killed then.

Before that, “Donetsk Truth” journalists had found out that Kostyantyn Kulyk, chief military prosecutor and his surrounding had become owners of elite real estate property in Kyiv and had got about 500 thousand dollars in the previous two years. 
On January 19 a provocative video appeared on the Internet. People wearing balaclavas and camouflage who claim that they are the “Azov” regiment servicemen are threatening to launch a terrorist attack on the Netherlands if the country refuses to sign the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement. The press service of the “Azov” Regiment and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine debunk the authenticity of this video and speak about its Russian origin.

News from the occupied territory

Two people were injured and taken to hospital as a result of rock fall in mines in occupied Donetsk and Makiivka.

Healthcare situation remains tense on the occupied territory of the Donbas. Flu quarantine was announced in schools of occupied Bryanka (the Luhansk region) from January 19 to January 28.

“Administration” of occupied Makiivka did not announce quarantine. According to the occupational “administration" data, 2997 cases of flu (including 1621 children) have been confirmed since January 6.

The illegal “DPR” organization decided to take control over four mines of “Makiivugol” company in occupied Makiivka. Thus, documents for subordinating the mine named after Bazhanov, the mine named after Lenin, “Chaykyne” and “Butivska” mines to the newly-created “republican” “Donbassrestructuring” company have already been prepared. These mines are not mining coal and work in water hoisting mode.

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