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Main news of Donbas: New wave of dissidents' persecutions in Donetsk; Disputes over the fate of Prince Svyatoslav monument in Mariupol

Main news of Donbas: New wave of dissidents' persecutions in Donetsk; Disputes over the fate of Prince Svyatoslav monument in Mariupol

Reports from the front

During the last day, militants violated ceasefire 71 times in the Donbas. They open fire at peaceful people too, according to the Headquarters information. At 09:10 p.m.  militants shelled the Ukrainian

State Border Guard checkpoint “Maryinka” from an infantry fighting vehicle and an automatic launcher. Two Ukrainian militaries were wounded.

OSCE SMM observers registered 40 tanks and other military equipment in Kominternove near Mariupol.

Reports from the occupied territory

Aleksandr Zajharchenko, head of the illegal “DPR” organization, issued a “decree” on implementing curfew on the occupied territory of the Donetsk region. According to the decree, the curfew lasts from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Moving along the streets on foot, by car or by taxi is prohibited except for those who have special permits. The  period of citizens' detention should not be longer than 15 days. However, the decree which is now quoted by all separatist mass media has disappeared from “the official site of the republic”.

There was a rally against sects in occupied Donetsk today, on January 29. As it is informed by a Donbas Public TV correspondent, about 500 people gathered outside the Greek-Catholic church. Some people were brought to the place by buses. They were given broadsheets prepared in advance. The organizers claimed that they were against sectarians, against the Greek-Catholic Church which imposes the idea of unity with Ukraine on people. The rally was initiated by “New republic” organization which is controlled by “DPR”.

Sergiy Kondrykinsky, a “DPR” member who is charge of the youth movement, had said the day before that the sects activity is sponsored by CIA.

At the same time a new wave of arrests and serches of dissidents has started in occupied Donetsk, according to the information of “News of Donbas” site which got information from its own sourses in the city. At present, it is known that one person has been arrested and another person's flat has been searched. Both of them are Ukrainian activists.

News from the territory controlled by Ukrainian government

Public hearings aimed at finding out the residents' opinion on whether Svobody square is a good place for the monument to Price Svyatoslav and where it would be best relocated took place in Mariupol on January 29. More than 170 people attended the hearings which ended up in a conflict. The perticipants decided to shift the date of the voting for the new place for the monument.

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