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Main news of Donbas: Protests against separatist Gubarev; One more checkpoint can suspend its activity

Main news of Donbas: Protests against separatist Gubarev; One more checkpoint can suspend its activity

Reports from the front

ATO press service reports that at least six houses were damaged in Zaitseve (the Donetsk region) which is situated not far from occupied Horlivka. According to the report “11 mines of a caliber 120 mm exploded outside the residential houses after the morter shellings last night. The attacks were conducted by the illegal armed formations located on the occupied territory.” 

Reports from the occupied territory

Separatist Pavel Gubarev who calls himself “the leader of Novorossia community” was appointed acting “head of administration” of the occupied town of Yasynuvata. Protesters headed by Gubarev had several times seized the building of Donetsk regional state administration in spring 2014.  A rally against his appointment took place in Yasynuvata on February 2. The locals insist that the town should be headed by Yuriy Yanenko, its previous mayor. Gubarev arrived in Yasynuvata and was about to start work, but the crowd was hostile to him so he had to leave the square outside the town hall.

According to the information provided by the locals, later the crowd was dispersed by armed people.
Maryna Cherenkova, a volunteer and one of the leaders of “Responsible Citizens” group contacted the members of the group in the morning of February 2. Cherenkova had presumably been detained by “officers of Ministry of DPR state security” in Donetsk on January 29. Nothing had been known about her for three days. Cherenkova phoned Yevgeniy Shybalov, another volunteer, when he was distributing humanitarian aid.  She informed him that  Yevgeniy and Dmitriy Shybalov and Olga Kosse and Enrique Menedes, two other volunteers, were summoned to the “Ministry of state security”. The Shybanov brothers and Enrique Menedes  were ordered to leave the territory which is under “DPR” control as soon as possible, Olga Kosse was allowed to stay.

The central office of a supermarket which is situated in Shevchenko boulevard 41b (Donetsk) and which belongs to “Amstor” chain was robbed on February 2. It is supposed that the robbery had been conducted by a group of 15 people during the period from 1 to 2 o'clock in the morning. Very well armed men were wearing camouflage uniform, they had portable radio stations and were well-equipped. 15-20 million rubles (5-10 million hryvnyas) were stolen, according to preliminary data.

News from the territory controlled by Ukrainian government

Hennadiy Tuka, Governor of the Luhansk region, warned that if ceasefire violations continue, Stanytsya Luhanska checkpoint on the demarcation line would suspend its activity.

A meeting of village heads, district residents and management of “Kleban-Byk” national landscape reserve took place in Kostyantynivka district state administration.  The reason was the fact that the guards and jaegers of the reserve, which had been established in 2000, prevent locals from approaching the river. On the other hand, the district residents claim that fish that has been caught in the Kleban-Byk is sold at the markets of Kostyantynivka and other localities.

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