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Main news of Donbas: 50 shellings of the ATO forces' positions; Plans to erect a monument to Catherine II in occupied Luhansk

Main news of Donbas: 50 shellings of the ATO forces' positions; Plans to erect a monument to Catherine II in occupied Luhansk

Reports from the front

As the ATO press center informs on the Facebook, militants shelled Unrainian militaries' positions 50 times in the Donbas during the last day. “The hardest situation is preserved near Donetsk and Horlivka”. Militants shelled Piski, Opytne, Avdiivka, Butovka mine; Maryinka was shelled seven times from small arms and grenade launchers. Militants used mortars, grenade launchers, and large-caliber machine guns. During the last day, one military perished and three were wounded in the ATO zone. The information was presented by Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, spokesperson of Presidential Administration on ATO related issues, at a briefing on February 11.

News from the territory which is controlled by the Ukrainian Government

OSCE representatives registered  8 anti-tank mines at “Maryinka” checkpoint on February 9, according to OSCE SMM press service.

The representatives of the mission reminded that there had appeared information about mines near the Ukrainian Armed Forces checkpoint in Maryinka vicinity (controlled by Ukraine) at the beginning of February.

Press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that Andriy Tarasov, the First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian Navy awarded Dmytro Tofan, a marine, with a state “Defender of the Motherland” medal.

Tofan, assistant of a grenade launcher operator, was awarded for “personal courage and bravery displayed while protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. The marine was on duty defending the village of Shyrokyne in the Donetsk region from July to September 2015.

Reports from the occupied territory

3 kiosks were destroyed completely and 2 partially in a fire which happened at Donetsk Covered Market yesterday, on February 10. The fact was reported by the so-called “DPR ministry of emergency situations”.

A one-year-old baby sufferes from the consequences of negligence doctors' of Luhansk childrens' hospital. He was vaccinated intramuscularly on the fron part of his left thigh on December 29, 2015. Later the place of injection became swallen and pain syndrome developed. It was noted that the  ignored the pediatrician and surgeon ingored the baby's reaction to the vaccine.

Luhansk occupational administration claims it is going to erect a 8-metre high monument to Catherine II, Russian Empress, in the historical part of the city. “The monument is 8 metres high, it is to be made of granite. The empress herself is to be covered with gilt paint,” informed the representative of the “administration”.

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