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Main News of Donbas: Krasnohorivka shelling; Exposion in a dwelling house in occupied Makiivka

Main News of Donbas: Krasnohorivka shelling; Exposion in a dwelling house in occupied Makiivka

Reports from the front

No Ukrainian militaries perished during the last 24 hours though one serviceman was wounded. Ukrainian militaries’ positions were shelled from small arms, large-caliber machine guns, and grenade launchers of various systems near Luhanske, Zaytseve, Avdiivka, Piski, Opytne, and Maryinka. The most intensive shelling was near Krasnohorivka. Militants attacked the ATO forces’ strongholds using 120 and 80-mm-caliber mortars 40 times.

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine

Vatican envoy Claudio Gugerotti visited Kramatorsk where he met with IDPs and volunteers.

Pavlo Zhebrivsky, head of Donetsk military and civil administration, said that five factions that were members of the split coalition can form a new parliamentary majority but the conditions will be different.

“What happened to the coalition must be a kind of a cold shower for its ex-members. It is not about persons, it is about the programmes and actions which must take place for conducting reforms that are spoken about all the time. Those members of the coalition which are to form a new majority should elaborate a strategy and select the people who will be the most efficient for its implementation. Otherwise, we will face reelection”, said Zhebrivsky.  He also emphasized that the coalition had not been efficient when it had existed. 

Reports from the occupied territory

The “DPR” faction reports that an explosion happened in one of blocks of flats in Vostochny microdistrict in occupied Makiivka. Witnesses report that it was a domestic bottle gas blast. A man who lived in the flat was injured in the explosion and died on the way to hospital. The emergency service is working on the site of the blast. The residents of the house were evacuated. The flat is nearly totally destroyed.

Five vehicles with fuel and ammunition have come to the occupied territory of the Luhansk region from Russia, according to the Main Reconnaissance Department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

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