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A letter to Donbas residents from a bandit who has seen the light. What have we got?!

A letter to Donbas residents from a bandit who has seen the light. What have we got?!

I'm not going to say grave and intelligent words, it is not my task to make strong statements. I want to ask you, “Donbas defenders” and Yanukovych clan: when will you finally die and leave us, Donbas residents, alone?

We screwed the Donbas up, we ruined it, destroyed it and screwed it up. It is clear, though it is hard to say what and who for. We ruined economies of two brotherly countries, we destroyed our plants, mines, houses, we lost our families and friends. What for and who for did we do this?

We screwed the Donbas up last May or last June, but the horrible thing is that we still do not understand this. We don't see the reasons, motives, sense, but we are still doing this. Although, I don't think so. We see all this, we understand this, we are trying to hide from reality and avert our eyes, this means, we are beginning to see, realize and get afraid of this. We understand really well what we have done, how much pain and sorrow we brought to our homes with our own hands and one day we will have to pay for this with our lives. Deep in our hearts and souls we are weak.

It started so well — lustration, getting rid of past bandit authorities, corrupt cops, criminal mayors and their criminal subordinates — the long-awaited and inevitable toppling of Yanukovych clan bandits.

And now this senseless war has lasted for a year and a half and we are not moving anywhere. We are tired and poor, humiliated by ourselves and by the Russians. Who else would be able to bugger us, to ruin us so openly, to rape our mothers, wives, daughters, to destroy everything that we had built? Was it all done for the Russians glory and in the name of our courage? What is the result of all this?

There are ruined, practically destroyed economies of two states, two thousand perished people and millions of dispossessed. There are cities, towns and villages of our region that were practically wiped out from the face of the Earth. There are the  Alliance parties strengthening and approaching the borders of once great Russia. There are terrorist attacks that shook Australia, France, Turkey, all the places. And there is our future which is blurred.

I can understand bandits, Russian mercenaries, former street dwellers and loosers, but I cannot understand those Donbas residents who were not bandits, Russian mercenaries, former street dwellers and loosers. It is impossible to understand them. It is impossible to understand why you break windows in a block of flats you live in, why you destroy the enterprise where you work, why you kill the residents of the city you live in, of the country you live in.

I understand that when we saw firewood we want to heat our house and cook food, when we dig the ground we want to mine coal, but when we bomb our cities, the cities, where we live — it is impossible to understand the reason. Only mercenaries, savages, murderes can do this as it is profitable, they live on this.

Yes, people in the East and West of Ukraine are different but they are not strangers. Now we, those who live in the Donbas have become different, we have become strangers, enemies and this will be like that for a long time. 

The Donbas will be restored, it will take a lot of time, but it will be restored though not by us and not for us. So, where and how are our children to live? Where and how are my children to live?

Yes, “Motorola”, “Pyatnashka”, Pushylin, Zakharchenko and the like will not live here. Their old and new families have moved far away from here a long time ago. They do not live here any more. They have no place in the Donbas and they will not stay alive in the Donbas. They realize this and they play those vicious games with us trying to buy time. They are hiding away from the thought that they have only a month, two, three or a year, two three left to live. However, I am not talking about them not, I am talking about you and me, about us, those people who were narrow-minded enough to put on military uniforn and go to the war.

We still have the choice — to say farewell to arms and return to Ukraine even if we go to prison or to turn this arms against the enemies and occupants and oust them from our country.

As for me, to wash away my guilt towards my family, my wife, my son, I have decided to destroy, to wipe away this Putin's offal from my land and then to surrender to the authorities. Let them put me on tiral — I desrve this.

I do not call on you to join me but I ask you collect your courage and to look around at what is going on and at yourself.

"Novorossia Army” bandit who was tricked by whose eyes are now open

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