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Main news of Donbas: Demining Shyrokyne; Donetsk region “female statistics”

Main news of Donbas: Demining Shyrokyne; Donetsk region “female statistics”

Reports from the front

Press service of ATO Headquarters informed that there were 47 attacks on the positions of the ATO forces from 6 a.m. on Tuesday till 6 a.m. on Wednesday. The majotiry of shellings took place in the direction of Donetsk (29), the direction of Mariupol was shelled 15 times, the direction of Luhansk was shelled 3 times.

Reports from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government

150 shells have been destroyed by Ukrainian servicemen during the operation of demining Shyrokyne (the Donetsk region). The information was provided by the Ministry of Defense press service.

There are 830 men per 1000 women in the Donetsk region, informs the Regional Department of Statistics. Women comprise almost a half of all working citizens of the region (the data for 2015, excluding the ATO zone).  There are less females working in industry (34,6%), however, 53,6% work in trade, 72,3% in state management bodies, 75,8% in financial and insurance sectors, 83,5% in education, 84,3% in healthcare and social services (out of all working population). The average salary which women get in the Donetsk region is lower than the salary which men get. The avegare salary of a woman working in the economy sector in 2015 was 3669  UAH which is 2560 UAH (41,1%) lower than that of a man working in the same shphere.

A lion form a local zoo attacked a man in Sartana (Mariupol district). 43-year-old resident of Talakivka was hospitalized to Mariupol hospital #1, his condition is critical. Now the man is in the intensive care department.

“Army FM” radio which is the Ministry of Defense projct, was launched in Ukraine.  Currently, it is operating in the testing mode via the Internet. The project is expecting a radio frequency from the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting. 

Reports from the occupied territory

The illegal “DPR” faction claims that five electric power substations and five residential houses were damaged as a result of Donetsk outslirts shelling. “Five electric power substations, four in Petrovsky district and one in Oleksandrivka, were damaged as a result of a shelling conducted by Ukrainian troops”, said Maksym Zhukovsky, head of the occupational “administration” of Pertovsky district.

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