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Reintegrating the occupeid Donbas into Ukraine will take years - Iryna Heraschenko

Reintegrating the occupeid Donbas into Ukraine will take years - Iryna Heraschenko

Reintegrating the occupied Donbas territories will demand a lot of time and effort not only from Ukraine and the whole world, but also from the residents of these territories. This opinion was voiced by Iryna Heraschenko, a reprsentative of the humanitarian subrgoup of the contact group for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, in the 5th Channel programme.

“It is obvious there is total informational blockade and Goebbels style Moscow proaganda dominance on these territories. People who live there do not understand what is happening in Ukraine. What are Kyiv's intentions as for the Donbas? We have only one intention which is peace. It is also important to remeber that those who live there hate militants who keep 2.5 million people hostages as well”, said Heraschenko.

In her opinion, people who live on the territories which are controlled by the militants, have a lot of social and economic questions to the representatives of the occupational authorities.

“Yesterday and a year ago people were shouting: “Putin! Putin!”, but now they have a lot of questions to Russia. They have to pay with rubles but they have no rubles, their wallets are empty. People have no money. Ukraine is going through hard times as well, even more than that, the war is affecting our economy in an extremely negative way. The Ukrainians, though they are not totally satisfied with what the authorities do, understand what processes are happening here. On the other hand, on the occupied territories people were sure that their life would be glorious. No, it is not gloriuos at all. So, I hope, these processes will help Ukraine bring the Donbas back. However, this will take days, months, years”, summed up the MP.

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