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Main news of Donbas: “Donbas” battalion military Yuriy Korostelyev, started a hunger strike; A rally in support of Nadiya Savchenko in Slovyansk

Main news of Donbas: “Donbas” battalion military Yuriy Korostelyev, started a hunger strike; A rally in support of Nadiya Savchenko in Slovyansk

Reports from the front

There were 38 attacks on the ATO forces position on March 6. Militants were using small arms, grenade launchers and 82 and 120 mm-caliber mortars.  According to the information presented by Andriy Lysenko, the Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues, there were no casualties among Ukrainian troops.

Reports from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government

On March 6, in Slovyansk, there was a rally in support of Nadiya Savchenko. The town authorities ignored the event. As it was informed by Nikolay Polozov, Nadiya’s lawyer, the signs of the “dry” hunger strike can already be seen (Savchenko went on hunger strike on March 3). Nadiya’s feet are swollen, every now and then she suffers from tachycardia and thermoregulation system failures. The Ukrainian party appealed to the USA and EU asking to increase pressure on Russia to release Savchenko who is kept there illegally.

2 residential houses belonging to senior ladies were damaged in Avdiivka (the Donetsk region) as a result of shelling. Furniture in one house was damaged by shells and windows in another house were damaged by small arms. Both ladies were at their homes in time of shelling. 

“Donbas” battalion military Yuriy Korostelyev, who is being tried in Bakhmut, started a hunger strike. He is accused of the seizure of property worth 22 thousand hryvnyas which belonged to a family in the town of Hirnyak. The military prosecutor considers him to be guilty of 30 other crimes and he may be sentenced to 7-12 years of imprisonment.

Reports from the occupied territory

According to the Ukrainian intelligence service information, the commander of “the 3rd motorized infantry brigade of the 1st army corps” in Horlivka is major general Igor Timofeev, general of the Russian army.  Before the Donbas, he was the commander of the 33rd motorized infantry brigade of the 49th army  (Maykop, Adygeya republic), south military district of the armed forces of the RF.
During interrogations in the “LPR” “ministry of state security”, Mariya Varfolomiyeva was threatened with a gun and an electric shocker. Militants hang a dynamo machine and terminals on the ears of prisoners to torture them with electric current. Mariya was in captivity for 14 months.

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