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What kind of internally displaced people "deserve" social assistance? News from Mariupol

What kind of internally displaced people "deserve" social assistance? News from Mariupol

Internally displaced people in Ukraine have faced the problem of their status confirmation. People have their payments suspended before confirming the information from the migration service bodies. The corresponding order was received from the Security Service of Ukraine.

For today more than 90 thousand IDPs have been registered in the town of Mariupol. Many of them have turned to the social welfare agencies for targeted assistance. Viktor Zinoviev and his wife, IDPs from the Lugansk region, also asked for such assistance for housing rent. However, this week payments to the Zinovievs family have been suspended.

"We have lived in Mariupol since 26 October 2015. Before that I lived in the Kharkiv region. We left Stakhanov, Lugansk region, in August 2014, before that we had lived in the Kharkiv region, "- says Zinoviev.

Today, Viktor is living in Ordzhonikidzevsky district of Mariupol. Here, at the department of Social Security, he was told that he was on the lists prepared by the Security Service and transferred to the Ministry of Social Policy according to which he could not receive targeted assistance.

" I do not know how I've got onto the list of swindlers that improperly receive targeted assistance. I have never crossed the "border" with so-called "republics", it's news for me. Today, in the social protection department of Ordzhonikidzevsky district of Mariupol I has been told that my certificate had been blocked so I need to write a statement to have a new certificate issued", - the displaced person adds.

Viktor has applied to the Centre of legal advice to IDPs for help and clarification. Lawyer Yulia Bashkirova said that there was such a problem today not only in Mariupol, but also in other cities of the Donetsk region and Ukraine.

"Many people have such a problem, and still no one, none of the lawyers could see the list: how it is regulated, who has made it up, why SBU deals with the control of IDPs at all since they don’t even have a body that supervises all IDPs", - she said.

As of today, the SBU has not explained how to prepare the lists of so-called swindlers. Viktor Ivanovich has been given only a verbal response in the department of social protection. In their turn, the lawyers say that this is not enough.

"A person has the right to receive information concerning himself/herself; a person has the right to know what is the basis on which the list was made, and where the information was obtained. They say that people are swindlers, but there should be a good reason to accuse a person of fraud, "- Bashkirova emphasizes.

We went to the Social Protection Department of Ordzhonikidzevsky district together with Victor and legal advice representatives. Here the displaced person and his wife have got the same answer as in previous times.

Zinoviev told us that on arrival in Mariupol he had registered at the address where his daughter was residing. However, now Viktor is living in another apartment not far from the previous one. This could serve as a motive to put him on the list compiled by the SBU. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to update his IDP certificate and write his new address in it.

In order to avoid possible problems with reception of targeted assistance, the social protection authorities advise the Ukrainian citizens, who have left the territories not under the control of the official powers, to inform about the change of residence.

"Migration Service should make this check on the actual place of displaced person’s residence. This person himself/herself can apply to us at the place of payment with his/her statement that he/she actually resides here. If the address of the actual place of residence has changed indeed, then internally displaced people come to us and clarify that they have had another address since a certain date. We enter amendments, issue a new certificate with a new address and place of residence, and there's nothing more to it ", - says Tatiana Korobko, the Deputy Head of Social Protection Department of Zhovtnevy district in Mariupol.

At a joint briefing on February 25, representatives of the Security Service and the Ministry of Social Policy said that as a result of checks the facts of residence had not been confirmed for 350 thousand persons at the addresses specified in their certificates. But as the story of the Zinoviev's family has shown, this does not always mean that DP is a swindle or engaged in the so-called "pension tourism."

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in his "10 Minutes" last week was talking about the possible suspension of social payments for the internally displaced people.

"Our goal is to make the payments receivable only to those citizens who deserve it, and who should receive such assistance in accordance with the law", - said the Head of the Government.

But so far, it remains unclear how there have been compiled the lists of the Ukrainian Security Service through which internally displaced people have been determined as those who do not “deserve” social payments.

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