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What kind of internally displaced people "deserve" social assistance? News from Sloviansk

What kind of internally displaced people "deserve" social assistance? News from Sloviansk

Internally displaced people in Ukraine have faced the problem of their status confirmation. People have their payments suspended before confirming the information from the migration service bodies. The corresponding order was received from the Security Service of Ukraine.

17 thousand people out of the 40 thousand were suspected in fictitiousness of their status. IDPs went to the social security department of Sloviansk. People are afraid that they may be deprived of the social payments.

"Because some people live there and get it here. Those who live here cannot receive it because the authorities say: "You are not present in our database ", - says Igor, a displaced person from Makeyevka.

Displaced people have different opinions on the issue whether the government do a right thing.

"That control should have been established since the first day of political disorders; it was necessary to do so as with the Crimea when the electricity was cut off," - the displaced person says.

"Some people are 84 years old, they are at home and cannot do anything. Are they now to die alive? "- says Nadezhda, a displaced person from Lugansk.

"The Executive Committee has told us that if a person is not introduced on the list in a social security service, he/she will not receive his/her pension. Now we have arrived here to find out if we will be on the list, or not", - says a displaced person Vadim from the town of Gorlivka.

"From the point of view of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), these people are not living in the town of Sloviansk, but in the temporarily occupied territories. Therefore, we have to suspend all social payments: living allowance, child support, and pensions. It is not SBU that has recommended suspending payments, but it is recommended by the social protection department which is located in the town of Kramatorsk. Only lists have been submitted to us according to the letter from SBU. We’ve carried out this order, and suspended these payments, "- says the Head of the Sloviansk Social Protection Department Andrey Evsyukov.

It has not been decided yet how to tell to a person that he/she has got onto the list of suspects.

"The letter of our department recommends for three days notifying those people for whom payment has been suspended. The question arises: how to do that? That is something that we still cannot even explain to ourselves, whether to do so by letter, or by phone. Many people are living in the officially uncontrolled territory, and with respect to the SBU recommendation we cannot carry out information exchange within that territory ", - Andrey Evsyukov said.

It is possible to check whether the name of a person is present on the list by phone or directly visiting the social security department. You need to bring a package of documents there as officials say.

"To confirm the fact of residing at the address, he/she should come to the department, bring his/her passport, and identification code. These are the initial documents proving that the person lives here. One also needs to bring an inquiry from the head of the quarterly committee with the signatures of two witnesses about the fact that the person resides at the address. Then we will believe in it. That is, we understand that a person can come from the uncontrolled territory, but there is a law on the rights of internally displaced people; it has not been cancelled. We will extend the expiration term for the certificate of the person to whom the social payments were cancelled, but with a confirmation of the quarterly committee head ", - Andrey Evsyukov establishes.

By the way, while journalists were speaking with the experts, none of the IDPs from the line in the social protection department room in Sloviansk was found in the list of swindlers.

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