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Main News of Donbas: Five people perished in a plane crash are from the Donbas; “DPR” is on the search for sectarians

Main News of Donbas: Five people perished in a plane crash are from the Donbas; “DPR” is on the search for sectarians

Reports from the front

Militants have intensified shellings of the ATO forces’ positions since 5 p.m. Saturday, March 19, as the ATO Headquarters press center informs. Out of 32 registered fire attacks, 31 were near Donetsk. Militants shelled Ukrainian strongholds near Avdiivka, Piski, Zaytsevo, and Mayorske.

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine

Minimum 5 residents of the Donbas perished in the Boeing 737-800 plane crash in the airport of Rostov-on-Don. According to the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 8 Ukrainians perished in Russia. Among them 24-year-old Hanna Andriyiva and 31-year-old Tetyana Kravchenko, both of them from Donetsk. Then, a family from the Luhansk region – Svitlana, Pavlo, and Daniil Tsehelskiys, residents of occupied Sverdlovsk. Daniil Tsehelskiy was only 5 years old. One more victim is 25-year-old Hanna Serhiyiva from Kharkiv. Volodymyr Fedyanin and Valentyna Somina also perished in the plane crash. As it has been informed, at night Friday, March 18 – Saturday, March 19, Boeing 737-800 crashed in Rostov-on-Don during the second attempt to land. The crew and all the passengers perished though Russian MM present different information on the number of the victims – from 59 to 62.

The majority of volunteers who help the Donbas warriors are women. Mariya Podybaylo, teacher of the department of international relations and foreign policy of Mariupol State University, thinks that Ukrainian female activists do not suffer from gender discrimination. “We know a lot about weapons and ammunition and this means, women can do everything if they want to. We know when a military unit is fully equipped and when it lacks something”, says Podybaylo. According to her words, the system of information transfer from the temporarily occupied territory was elaborated by women.

Avdiivka authorities are going to use 61.5 million hryvnyas to rebuild the town infrastructure objects. They are going to get the money from the town budget and ask international organizations for help.

Reports from the occupied territory

The illegal “DPR” organization is going to pass s series of so-called “acts” regulating the freedom of belief the occupied territory residents’. Besides a “document” called “On freedom of belief and religious groups”, the grouping is working on a “law” which is to resist  sectarianism. According to the words of Olga Makeeva, the “DPR” member, the “law” will contain all prohibitions connected with religion of the residents of the separate districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Residents of occupied Donetsk are against any sects which, in their opinion, include the Greek Catholic Church.

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