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Problems internally displaced universities facing

Problems internally displaced universities facing

Donbas National Academy of Construction and Architecture, as all the other big universities of the Donetsk region, had to leave for another place. The Academy rector told «Donetsk Dialogue» journalists on the air of “Donbas Public TV” about the problems the Academy came up with at the new place: who gave them premises for study rooms and halls of residence, and where they get the money from to continue working without any help on the part of the state.

According the Vasyl Kravets, the Academy rector, at the new place in Kramatorsk, the Academy team came up with a lot of problems, mostly caused by bureaucracy because locals do not hurry to help, and the state does not give necessary orders and money.
“About 100 Academy teachers came here with me. After the admission campaign, we have 500 students. Teachers are renting flats. The conditions are very difficult. We do not have our own premises; we rent them from the Donbas National Academy of Kramatorsk. They do not like us because we are their competitors. The best people came with me here, our golden, human assets, the best, the most active, patriots who did not want to stay there in that “swamp”. Our relations with the ex-administration are bad. Our ex-rector hung the «DPR» flag, threatens his colleagues to inform «DPR» security, and lies to teachers and students. He promises Russia, Russian diplomas, stipends, and salaries though he himself knows quite well that it never happen”, says the rector.
“Our academic stream was about 200 students, and only 2 of them came here. There were more architects and they were mostly from other towns. Students of my specialism were mostly from Donetsk. So they stayed there”, a student told us.

“I am coming back to Makiivka in my night's dreams. I imagine that I come up to the Academy building on an armored troop-carrier, jump off, fix an automatic machine gun on my shoulder and enter the rector's office. Of course, it's a joke, but we understand that when we come back, we will be met with enmity by students influenced by militants' propaganda, and in our heads we rehearse our answers to their questions. We have already formed our lustration committee which will start working as soon as we come back. All employees who have not moved to Kramatorsk will be fired”.

“Our university has lots of problems; we have nothing, no property, no furniture. Everything we have here are personal belongings of the employees. Now there are lots of organizations and offices have been transferred to Kramatorsk. However, it is not a problem; on the contrary, it is a present from the Fate. Donbas State Academy has a building – academic building #5 – which has not been used for 15 years. The Ministry of Education made it our legal address. We have been asking for transferring it to us as our property for a year. If it becomes our property, we will have the right to invest money in it. Now we are not allowed even to get into this building. The transfer is being slowed down by the Academy authorities; we have already found the money — we are helped by Czech agency for development. They have donated 3 million Hryvnyas”, says rector Vasyl Kravets.

He also noted that students have been coming to Kramatorsk to resume studies.

“However, they lose the year spent in occupied Makiivka. We enrolled 250 first-year and third-year (after technical colleges) students. Half of them are from Makiivka. In fact, we do not get any help from the state. We are living and working in Spartan conditions in what was given to us by DNA. Still we are not passively waiting. We have had an agreement with the Druzhkivka major. They will give us a hall of residence; there is a construction college and it has become our brunch», says Vasyl Kravets.
Vasyl Kravets has a question to the Ministry of Education too, “We are helped by the Czech Republic. We are earning money by ourselves here. Why doesn't the Ministry help us? Neither money, nor equipment, nothing”.

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