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Main news of Donbas: Horlivka outskirts under fire; 3 billion to develop Donetsk region infrastructure

Main news of Donbas: Horlivka outskirts under fire; 3 billion to develop Donetsk region infrastructure

Reports from the front

UAF positions in the vicinity of Hnutove and Tolokivka (20-25 km away from Mariupol) are the hottest spots along the demarcation line. The number of cases when militants shell them using weapons banned by the Minsk Agreements has grown recently. 

The settlements of Zaitseve and Holmivsky located to the north of occupied Horlivka were shelled from heavy weapons on March 31. As it was reported by the ATO Headquarters, militants used 120 and 80 mm caliber mortars to shell both Ukrainian positions and the territory which is controlled by the “DPR” faction. The Headquarters report that the illegal armed formations use this method to discredit the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The “DPR” faction claims that 10 civilians were wounded in the shelling of the north of occupied Horlivka.

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine

Zolote checkpoint for vehicles (situated in Stakhanov-Zolote-Hirske-Lysychansk  corridor) suspended its work several hours after it had been launched. Heorhiy Tuka, head of Luhansk regional military and civil administration reports that the decision was taken due to safety reasons.

The programme of social and economic development of the Donetsk region for the year 2016 was adopted at the session of the regional administration today, on March 31. The session was headed by Pavlo Zhebrivsky, chairperson of Donetsk regional military and civil administration. 3.6 billion
hryvnyas are to be allocated to sponsor building and reconstruction of  635 infrastructure objects. Pavlo Zhebrivsky noted that none of the regions of Ukraine has such a big budget for development of infastructure.

Donetsk Regional Hospital is to be built in Mariupol and not in Kramatorsk as it was planned before. As it was explained by Pavlo Zhebrivsky, this decision was made due to Kramatorsk civil servants’ position as “they are reluctant to do anything, no one knows why”. Zhebrivsky claims that Kramatorsk has lost about one hundred million hryvnyas of investment into healthcare sphere and
this money will be redirected to Mariupol.

Avdiivka residents (the Donetsk region) can hear artillery sounds again. The situation reminds of the summer 2014, but now the hostilities occur in the industrial zone. 


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