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Donetsk: Life in the World of Illusions. Part 1

Donetsk: Life in the World of Illusions. Part 1

"DPR" authorities continue to build its own version of the DPRK based on the Russian money and staying in the belief that Ukraine will not return in this part of Donbas.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, in March, 2016 passenger traffic by buses and cars across the demarcation line of the conflict in Donbas region grew by 30%. More and more people go to the "DPR" from Ukraine and also in the opposite direction, in spite of all the risks associated with crossing of that conditional "border". This line is constantly shelled which is why the border crossing points, in particular, "Marinka" and "Zaytsevo" are being closed from time to time. However, no faultfinding of Ukrainian "border guards" (which often touch on extortion of bribe), or a threat to the life do not stop people.

In Donetsk, it has really become much more crowded than it was six months ago. This can be judged by the number of lighted windows in high-rise buildings in the evening, as well as by the packed public transport during the day. This transport includes buses, trolley buses and trams, and moves according to schedule as before. the number of cars on the roads has also increased to the point that in the area of the "Golden Ring" there are real traffic jams in "rush hours" again, as before. Partially, this increase in the amount of motorists is due to cheap gasoline. So in March, 2016 gasoline A-95 costed about 43 rubles (15 hryvnyas) per liter. All prices are calculated in rubles, hryvnia nearly does not circulate.
"DPR" is oversaturated by humanitarian aid so that since February of this year the "young republic" has provided free four meals daily in the pre-school institutions and junior schools. Leadership of "DPR" at every turn declares that the priority of the "state" is a youth policy, education and science. Separately, it emphasizes that in Ukraine these branches havd always been funded by a residual principle, and "DPR" allocates funds primarily to the development of their future investing in children. Despite the fact that these statements are usually a bluff, people in these areas are happy to accept such a socially-oriented propaganda.

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