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“Dear electorate” - essay on the work of deputies’ councelling offices in libaretd cities of the Donetsk region. Part 2

“Dear electorate” - essay on the work of deputies’ councelling offices in libaretd cities of the Donetsk region. Part 2

Slovyansk was the first town to be seized by “DPR”.

Hundreds of journalists have visited it since liberation, but the majority of them are interested in ATO stories, “DPR” realia, social services work and IDPs fate.

We decided to find out how people's deputies, who were delegated to represent the interests of local communitites in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, work with their electorate.

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We leave the office and Maria tries in vain to get through to another Solod’s assastant, and Kateryna shares her impressions after the previous visit to the office.

“We were here in the summer and the door was just locked. There was also a senior man waiting for Solod, he wanted to discuss some issue with the deputy but there was neither assistant nor the deputy himself.”

There is also an application called “Yuriy Solod's online office” on the deputy’s Facebook page, you can write to the deputy and get a reply in 10 days. It looks like the only place where the deputy is active is social networks.

When asked if it was possible to consult him personally, Solod (or the person who is in charge of his page) suggested to make an appointment. However, when we told that we would be interested in his work with people but not with journalists there was no answer.

Then we go to the third floor where there is Denys Behunov's office (he is an old friend of the activists'). He is a member of the department of the internal policy of the town council.

Denys came here to work with the previous mayor but now has to subordinate to Vadym Kyakh who was appointed by “Opposition Block”.

“In you opinion why do people still vote for the representatives of old political forces?”

“First, there was “Komsomol”, then - “Young Regions” and even young people don 't know any other ideology here. “Opposition Block” which is impersonated by Solod and Korolevska here is associalted with power as they hold all resources and they are represented by local entrepreneurs. People vote for power as it guarantees protection.”

“But there are a lot of patriots and activists in Slovyansk now!”

“It's true as well. All Donetsk region elites try to integrate into this all-Ukrainian space but this fact does not change the feudal structure of the society.

There are a lot of partiotic symbols in Deny’ss office and even the Christmas Tree is decorated with and yelow-blue dishes.

“Slovyansk is a small town and for a long time deputies did not use to be controlled. They were elected and then no one cared about what was going on in their offices. Now there has appeared a pro-Ukrainian minority which controls authorities and is becoming more influential than the pro-Russian one. Now there is no question “Ukraine or Russia?” If someone has pro-Russian views they keep silent.”

Next day, Kateryna and I go to Kramatorsk where there is Artur Herasymiv's (another deputy) office.
From the bus window we can see gloomy villages which were “ruled” by “DPR” not long ago. We get off the bus in half an hour and walk for fifteen minutes to Herasymi's office in Sotsyalistychna street 48.

“We'll be there not loger than a minute”, tells me Maria.

Last time when the activists were going to check the way the deputy works, they did not manage to talk to him or at least to his assistant. Now even the office has disappered. The there is a sign on the building saying that it is for rent again.

“There isn't any information about the fact that the office has moved”, says Maria, “There used to be only “Solidarnist” office here but they pretended that Herasymiv was working with public here as well.”

We come closer and Kateryna points at a metal sign on the door where one can still see the remnants of the words “Deputy's office”.

It is not that easy to find out Herasymiv's address. There is no official site with the information about

Artur Herasymiv, MP, on Verkhovna Rada site or on “Solidarnist” site. There is the assistant's telephone number on Verkhovna Rada site and on Monday, January 25, we manage to get through to him.

Artem Blagov informs us that the office has moved to Elevatorna street 38a.

“Can you tell us where people can get information about the fact that the offcie has moved? Does MP Herasymiv have an official site?”

“No, he has an official email,” says Blagov.

So, there is very little chance that voters who would like to meet their deputy in person and discuss some issues will be able to find out his correct address. No everyone can phone to his work number in Kyiv or send an email.

People can see the offices map compiled by “CHESNO” volunteer group but to add an address there volunteers must first find it in some official source.

This week is a session one and one can suppose that Artur Herasymiv, as one of the most active MPs, will diligently attend all the sessions.

Still, “Donbas Strong Communities” activists will visit his office and try to do their best to find out if it works and at least receives people's petitions if it is so difficult to see the deputy in person there.

Anna Hrabarska, “CHESNO” volunteer movement, “Donbas Strong communities” for “Ukrainian Truth”

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