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Story about two Marynas who help Ukrainian servicemen

Story about two Marynas who help Ukrainian servicemen

«Donetsk Dialogue» broadcast by Donbas Public TV presented a story of two women from Slovyansk who put on their shoulders a burden and have carried it for more than a year. It is the supply of the Ukrainian Army, the task which is difficult even for the huge state mechanism.

In everyday life Maryna Danylova in a primary school teacher. Every day she teaches primary school pupils. Besides being a teacher with corresponding education, Maryna gained medical skills and shares her skills and knowledge with the National Guard militaries. She instructs them how to use the medicine kits delivered from abroad.

«We hold tactical medicine training sessions in accordance with the NATO standards. This is a suitcase where there is everything for giving the first aid. The militaries like this training. Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have enough stuff to supply every unit with», says Maryna Danylova.

She and her friends-volunteers try to provide Ukrainian militaries with quality first aid. But this is not her only goal.

As well as other volunteers, Maryna is not afraid of difficulties

Maryna was awarded with some medals for her active position when the country was going through a very difficult period, when there was no logistics, no self- governing, and the army was in a very bad condition. Among her awards, there is medal «For Independence of Ukraine» 3d degree.

“The work which was done by volunteers and by us is significant. And I would say that volunteers and the town council complemented each other. If we had worked separately, not with synergy, the synergy would have been completely different», says Denys Bigunov, expert on inner policy of Slovyansk town council.

Slovyansk volunteers unite their efforts to do more

Now Maryna works together with her namesake and comrade-in-arms Maryna Hrynevska, who also devotes all her free time to helping Ukrainian militaries.

«We volunteers are doing our best for the war to be over as soon as possible. However, our opportunities are not unlimited; we want very much that peace and quiet come to Ukrainian homes. So, our government should do everything to finish the war and establish peace», says volunteer Maryna Hrynevska.

The two activists have been patronizing the 128th and the 30th brigades for more than a year. “I started with bringing water to the militaries, then — bread and other food, then cooked and washed for them”, Maryna Hrynevska recalls.

Today their help is more global. They put on their shoulders a burden and have carried it for more than a year. It is the supply of the Ukrainian Army, the task which is difficult even for the huge state mechanism. They supply militaries with everything, starting with socks and underwear.

«We would like the state and people who are not indifferent to pay attention to the fact that now the militaries are the most unprotected category in the society. They give their lives, are become disabled, they get psychological traumas. I call for everyone to help the guys who keep peace and quiet in our homes», says activist Hrynevska.

Marynas bring footware and clothes for militaries; they find camouflage screens and clothes; and everyone understands what protective equipment means at the front.

«Marynas and I met in March 2015 when I came to the east for the first time. We have been cooperation since that time. All the servicemen of our unit, who have been serving near Donetsk for more than half a year, are thankful to them. They have arranged concerts for us, and we always feel at home here. We are thankful to them for that», says Vasyl Lapchuk, major of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Today the volunteers treated their wards with yummy stuff which they brought in a new vehicle which is also a present from Ukrainians who are not indifferent.

«Today we have bought food, and we take care of the militaries’ appearance, and what they drive. We are trying to cover all their needs», says volunteer Maryna Danylova.

The first vehicle has been at the front near Maryinka for a long time. The money for it had also been collected by volunteers. Today the links with various international organizations have been established. There have appeared a lot of friends from Ukrainian diaspora. They are joined by people who are not indifferent and just sympathizers from different countries, from Canada, Italy,America.

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