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Head of the State Agency for Donbas Renovation: “The consequences of the conflict will be felt in many years on”. Part 2

Head of the State Agency for Donbas Renovation: “The consequences of the conflict will be felt in many years on”. Part 2

$1.5 million is required to get rid of the consequences of the hostilities in the east of Ukraine. The figure reflected the situation which was 2 years ago, at the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas. How does the Department work, where to get the money to renew the infrastructure in the east, why is it necessary to restore the objects if there is still shelling? About it in the interview with Vadym Chernysh, Head of the State Agency for Donbas Renovation, given to Hromadske.Skhid.

What you can say about the implementation of the projects

The Parliament's activity aimed at renovating Donbas is episodical. We initiated the program which had not been initiated by any other organization. Our program united different segments which are implemented by different ministries. We invite money and identify direction. Last year it was 120 mln Hryvnyas to help IDPs. It was executed by our partner “Charitas”. It gives money on temporary accommodation of IDPs. We have several joint projects with foreigners on demining. We have international donors and work as coordinators; we identify aims for the realization of some projects. For example, the Red Cross spent $60mln last year; this year they are going to spend $70 mln.

Have you calculated the losses of the Donbas infrastructure? According to what criteria?

We have not. They have been calculated by experts, ours and international ones. They based their calculations on the preliminary data provided by local administrations. The estimation was made by the EU and UNO development program. We do not take into consideration what has been done for 1.5 years. The infrastructure needs $1.2 mln. However, I think the figure will be much higher as we have to update the data — the hostilities are going on. There are lots of problems in the grey zone. Object are repaired and immediately destroyed again.

Why does the state allocate insufficient money for renovation?

The central bodies think about the conflict as a regional problem. We see it as a problem of the whole Ukraine. We do not speak about the Donbas; we speak about the eastern regions of Ukraine which should be renovated and start functioning. We do not treat the problem of IDPs separately or the problem of the region separately. We consider them in the context.

Your tasks include “the realization of the state policy concerning the Donetsk and Luhansk regions”. We would like to know what this “state policy” is.

I will tell you about the pyramid which exists in the country. There is Act On Basis of Domestic and Foreign Policy”. It is not adapted. The government has to form its policy on the basis of it, the government as a collegial body. After that we and other departments should implement, realize this policy. I have not seen this policy formulated.

There is an impression that the state does not take much care of the renovation, that there are more important problems in the country, for example, the place of Ukraine on the international arena. Why is it like this?

It seems to me that the country which has never experienced a crisis like this does not know what to do with it. A lot of people do not understand it either.  That is why the attitude is like this. We think that there is a military way for solving the problem, and we are waiting when we or our enemy gets exhausted. A lot of people do not want to notice the depth of the influence of the crisis. If Ukraine wants to gain control over its borders and to have these two regions within the country, it should understand that after restoring the control, we should get 2.7 mln citizens of the country, not its enemies.

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