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Main news of Donbas: The possibility of captives’ exchange is discussed in Minsk

Main news of Donbas: The possibility of captives’ exchange is discussed in Minsk

Reports from the front

There were 23 militants’ attacks on Ukrainian Armed Forces’ positions on April 19, weapons banned by the Minsk Agreements were used 11 times. Ukrainian servicemen returned fire 9 times.

Three Ukrainian servicemen perished in the last 24 hours, five were wounded in the action.

News from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government

A rally “Don’t stab the family” took place outside Verkhovna Rada on April 20. About 120 representatives of different Christian confessions gathered there aiming to protect traditional families... They demanded that points and events which are to be arranged and implemented to legalize single sex partnership in Ukraine to be taken out of the “National Strategy in the Sphere Human Rights until 2020”. LGBT activists held their rally opposite the traditionalists’ one.  

A volunteer vehicle crashed into the fence of a checkpoint in Zaitseve vicinity on April 19. The car was carrying two heavily wounded persons to Artemivsk hospital. The Border Guard Service officers did not react to the sirens and lights. Despite the accident, the car did not stop.

News from the occupied territory

Igor Plotnitsky, head of the illegal “LPR” faction, decided to shift the “local election” in the occupied districts of the Luhansk region. Aleksandr Zakharchenko, head of the illegal “DPR” grouping shifts the “local election” as well.

681 Ukrainians are missing in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. According to the words of Iryna Heraschenko, who represents Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup at the Minsk Talks, militants block search operations on the occupied territory. Iryna Heraschenko also excluded the possibility of amnesty for militants until the hostilities finish.

20 prisoners were handed over to Ukraine by the illegal “DPR” faction. There were two women and one disabled person among the offenders who were kept in prisons on the occupied territory. 25 persons are expected to be exchanged for 50 militants in the near future. 

Aleksandr Zakharchenko, head of the illegal “DPR” faction is against the presence of the OSCE police mission in the Donbas. According to Zakharchenko’s words,  Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, wants the OSCE monitors to be equipped with small arms but not to change their mandate. After Putin, Zakharchenko repeats that he is against changing the mandate for the OSCE mission in the Donbas.

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