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Main News of Donbas: Civilians perished at a “DPR”checkpoint; McDonald’s under a “LPR” flag started working in Luhansk

Main News of Donbas: Civilians perished at a “DPR”checkpoint; McDonald’s under a “LPR” flag started working in Luhansk

Reports from the occupied territory

In the occupied settlement of Olenivka (the Donetsk region) a tragic accident happened last night. On April 27, at about 3 in the morning several civilians perished there. It is difficult to say what caused the tragedy – the death of the people who stayed overnight in their cars at the checkpoint. There were five victims, among them a pregnant woman; one person died in hospital; minimum 10 people went to hospital in occupied Donetsk. “DPR” informs that the checkpoint was directly shelled from mortars of 120-mm caliber. Locals interviewed by separatists’ channels say that they heard the shelling at night. At the same time, they do not confirm that houses were damaged as separatists’ sites inform. Chief of staff, colonel Anatoliy Kotsurba, first deputy chief of Kramatorsk border guard unit, claims, referring to witnesses’ evidence, that the vehicles were not shelled, but blown up. The ATO headquarters state that Ukrainian positions near Olenivka were shelled, but Ukrainian forces did not fire in response in the direction of Olenivka. Border guards did not open fire either. “There is a version that militants either shelled the checkpoint from some weapons by themselves or used some explosive device”, says Anton Myronovych, ATO headquarters press center spokesperson. OSCE SMM observers have visited the place of the accident. They promised to present their report tomorrow, April 28. So far they have informed that they examined 8-9 craters. However, “DPR” head Zakharchenko visited the site before the OSCE, resented and claimed that the OSCE is “late”.


In Luhansk, controlled by “LPR” a fast food restaurant started working on the premises of the former McDonald’s, as the photos in social networks show. The signboard was changed, only letters “Mc” were left and the “LPR” flag was added. The menu is the same as it is in real McDonald's. The packaging is in Ukrainian.

Reports from the territory controlled by Ukraine

Pensioners of Mariupol do not like that the salary of the Parliament deputies has been raised, and MM write about that. A retired woman says that it is painful for her to read about that as her pension is miserable in comparison with their salaries.

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