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Main news of Donbas: The UN informs that the number of those who have suffered in the conflict is growing constantly

Main news of Donbas: The UN informs that the number of those who have suffered in the conflict is growing constantly

Reports from the front:

There were 22 attacks of illegal armed formations on ATO positions in the Donbas on April 28. Large-caliber weapons were used by militants in Donetsk and Mariupol directions. Three Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in the ATO zone in the last 24 hours. Two civilians were wounded as a result of a booby trap explosion.

News from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government:

A local resident was wounded in the limbs by pieces of an explosive in frontline Hranytne. The explosive was on a cemetery. The man’s condition is not critical.

Only three checkpoints (Zaitseve, Maryinka and Hnutove work today). The number of cars at the latter is one and a half time the usual one. The border guards had to prolong the work of the checkpoint at night as militants made about one hundred cars return to the Ukrainian side without any explanations.

 According to the data provided by the UN, about 30 thousand people have suffered in the Donbas conflict since the beginning, more than 9 thousand of them have died. About 21 400 have been wounded. The UN informs that the number of those who have suffered in the conflict is growing constantly.

Unknown people in camouflage gear threatened to shoot dead a family that put up a banner on its destroyed house. The banner read: “Dear President and Prime Minister of Ukraine!!! Are you not ashamed of your empty promises about restoring houses?” According to the words of the owner of the house about ten people came to her house  on April 28, in the evening. They tore the banner off and threatened to shoot her family dead.

Stockholm Globe Arena concert hall banned flags that do not belong to states at the Eurovision song contest. This ban includes the Crimean Tartar flag and the flag of the illegal “DPR” faction. The authors of the regulations emphasised that the list of the flags is not complete. Flags of participating states, UN, EU and LGBT community are allowed at the contest.

Reports from the occupied territory:

There is no vaccine for rabies on the occupied territory of the Luhansk region. One of the locals said that in Krasnodon hospital his daughter had not been vaccinated after being bitten by a dog. There was no vaccine in other hospitals in the occupied part of the region either, so he had to take his daughter for treatment  to Russia.

 Illegal “DPR” claims that there was an attempt on the life of their head Aleksandr Zakharchenko. On April 28, militants detained a group of people who came from the territory controlled by Kyiv. Those people had a powerful explosive device, which was camouflaged as a piece of furniture, and instructions with details of Zakharchenko's transportation routes.

Russian journalist Marina Akhmedova was not allowed to get access to the information in the occupied parts of the region. As militant Aleksandr Khodakovskiy thinks this is due to the journalist's objectivity not typical of “DPR” MM.

Two more people from the Donbas, who may have been captured by militants, were brought to Novocherkassk jail where Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchrenko is kept. Nadiya told about the captives to her sister Vira. They were delivered to the prison on the day when Vira came to see her sister on April 27.

In occupied Olenivka,  requiem for the victims of the night shell of April 27 was held. The ceremony was held in the local temple of St. Kostyantyn and Olena. About 50 locals came to the church. Then flowers were brought to the place of the tragedy.

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