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"Stitch" the country again Part 3

"Stitch" the country again Part 3

How Royal rocks, an underground monastery, the town of Makhno, and poet Zhadan will return Luhansk region to Ukraine. Part 3

Luhansk region has been considered everything in our country: granary, smithy, and even health resort in some places. However, it has not almost never considered as a place of tourist interest. Meanwhile, tourism could help to remove at least two of the preconditions of "Russian Spring" in 2014. Unfortunately, no one made corrections of those mistakes.

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2014: turning point to a "wrong way"

The summer 2014 should become a turning point. A couple of years before the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ worked in this direction in Luhansk. Its experts have seen a major growth factor for the region in the development of tourism. Among other things, GIZ ordered development of tourist routes to the editor of "Routes in Luhansk region" Ilya Esin. The Germans worked with local tour operators on this subject.

Arta - 2013. Extreme activities in Luhansk. Photos from the site of the Youth Sports Club "Luhan"

- Just in 2013, many things have been reinterpreted, a lot of different interesting events began to take place ... The people start to stir, local travel agents and tour operators have become more active. Just in the same year there was a great event under the patronage of Germany: attempts were to unite efforts of travel agencies for the purpose of region.development. We had great plans for 2014 up until March or April, - says the coordinator of the project "Pokhodushki" and creator of the Active leisure Festival "Art" Konstantin Prilepsky.

Actually, his festival "Arta", first held in Luhansk in 2012, is also one of the brightest events that attract people from other areas. The festival managed to be spend three times. In 2012, in May and in August next year everything worked out, too. But in the summer of 2014 it was quite a different "arta" at Donbas. Instead of the peaceful tourism that word has become an accepted abbreviation for the artillery ...

But on the eve of the war the two major problems of tourism, weak promotion of Luhansk region and the lack of infrastructure, were slowly being resolved. Tour operators have started to understand how to cash on visitors, what to show, and how to talk.

"Stitch" the country again

By and large, it did not have quite a bit of time for the development of tourism in Luhansk. If progress began two or three years before the events of winter-spring 2014 could develop a little differently.

What are the important lessons from this to learn?

First of all, the need for direct contacts that bring people from different parts of the country together. Tourism is not just a business. It's a lot of work on the future of the country. This practice exists in all countries which strive to "stitch" its regions mentally.

It also was in the Soviet Union. Echoes of low-cost travels remain till now. Nostalgia for the "big country" in some of our fellow citizens has little in common with the realities of present-day Russia where the travel from the city of Kursk to the picturesque Lake Baikal is prohibitively expensive today, but with the Soviet Union vouchers which could be afforded to almost everyone.

East and West should be together. Photo from Facebook page of Vladimir Kissel aka Klever

Therefore, domestic travel between East and West is a paramount strategic direction. It should be developed in the whole territory of Ukraine controlled by the government today, from Kharkov to Uzhgorod. And this work will need to start again in Luhansk and Donetsk regions after their return under Ukrainian jurisdiction. It is impossible to go without this.

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