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When would a "color revolution" be in Donbas? Part 3

When would a "color revolution" be in Donbas? Part 3

When would a "color revolution" be in Donbas? Part 1

When would a "color revolution" be in Donbas? Part 2

A lack of practical advices

Mass actions, demonstrations, flash mobs, and other overt actions which are recommended by the Manual are a little real today in the "republics". Sergei Zakharov, a Donetsk artist, captured to the basement for his caricatures of the "heroes of Novorossia" and passed tortures and abuses says the brochure is informative. It helps to comprehend the historical experience and proves once again that a peaceful protest is a great force.

A few days ago there has published the graphic novel by Sergei Zakharov "The Hole" about life in the basement. The scene of interrogation in the "Ministry for State Security of DPR"

- But all more or less practical instructions (from the Manual - RG) are possible to use now, maybe, in the Crimea, but not in the "D / LPR". In spite of the bygone era of frank Makhnovshchina, the adoption of some laws and the work of "legal" institutions, public protest is impossible here, - says the artist. - I do not think that the working methods of the so-called "Ministry for State Security" become more humane.

Therefore, he said, at the moment we can talk only about the underground struggle. Careful search for like-minded people, the gradual expansion of that group.

- This integration and simple talks at the kitchen will necessarily generate an idea of methods of struggle, - Sergey Zakharov believes. - Let it be only graffiti in public places, but even these things have a very powerful effect on the mood of the Patriots in the occupied territory. Practical tips are especially necessary for such things: the choice of location, time, etc.

However, some risky people still go to speak openly. In March, the Internet was blown by video from Luhansk: in the birthday of Taras Shevchenko, a pensioner not afraid of angry separatists from "Luhansk Guard", came out with a Ukrainian flag at the monument to Kobzar in two steps from the "Government House". Looking at the picket, it is impossible to hold back the tears.

Resistance by intuition

The woman from Luhansk with which we were able to talk to (we do not publish her for obvious reasons) told us about meetings "in the kitchen" on which Zakharov told us, too:
- Discussing the current situation, we hope for a speedy deliverance from the occupation. At the meetings, we read poems of Ukrainian poets, sing Ukrainian songs, and the anthem of Ukraine is obligatory. People wear clothes in colors of the flag of Ukraine. I sometimes practice this, too: blue jeans and a yellow jacket. I saw last summer, some girl had manicure in yellow-blue colors. There are people who speak in beautiful literary Ukrainian.

Patriots at occupation feel support from the Big Land much less than they need

Besides, everyone participates so in non-violent resistance sharing in social networks by truthful information about the life in the occupation, mock at invaders and the occupying government.

All this is very supportive fot the Luhansk people who had to leave their hometown. This gives hope that all is not lost, it is not all in favor of "LPR" on uncontrolled territory despite the news of separatist propaganda, the organized by a local regime of "voluntary people's" anti-Ukrainian rallies.
But the patriots at occupation feel support from the Big Land much less than they need. There is almost absent moral support neither of the government, nor from the super-patriots who now and then write in the social networks that "in Donbas there are only separatsts", "all normal people left Donbas for a long time".

- Sometimes, after reading some posts to Facebook it makes me furious about a "United country", - says this woman from Luhansk.

5 years in the future without support?

- It is good to have support from the Big land friends. As for the state work in this direction, all is probably bad there, - bitterly agrees Sergey Zakharov. - Instead of the message "our family, we remember you, we love you and we will liberate you," we heard in our country about the "separatists" and "traitors".

It is easy and fun be an "Ukrop" in Lviv, but not in Perevalsk or Horlivka

In turn, the author of the Manual Pavel Zhovnirenko notices:

- Signals may be sent by the authority. And we see little of such positive signals. But, apart from the authorities, there is a civil society. Here is our Manual, and it is a signal.
The monograph of the National Institute for Strategic Studies "Donbas and the Crimea: the price of return" released in the end of last year, the options of return are considered. The heavy-handed option is called unrealistic; return by arrangements (Minsk process) is called by authors as losing to Ukraine. It is recommended to take the third option as a base for the reintegration of Donbas: a scenario of voluntary return.

Recognizing that it looks now rather utopian, the authors specify that the scenario "may be counted for the future of 5-7 years". They emphasize that the basis should be the will of the people of the region.
It is incredibly important for this course of events that the core of pro-Ukrainian people in the occupied territories would not be crumbled over these 5-7 years, so that people would not loose heart. That the people who are neutral-spirited to Ukraine would not turn away from our idea by the action of separatist propaganda and reckless actions of the government.

It is especially important that the patriots from the Big land which are not threatened for wearing yellow and blue ribbons would cease indiscriminate execrating all the inhabitants of the territories beyond the control of Ukraine. Those who can be captured to the basement for what he just had a flag. It is easy and fun be an "Ukrop" (Ukrainian Patriot) in Lviv, but not in Perevalsk or Horlivka.

Think about this before to "like" a post about "they all are separatists". Think about that someone will make a "color revolution" in the "L / DPR" and that they are not you.

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