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Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human. Part 2

Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human. Part 2

They were extremely afraid of the invasion of Ukrainian fascists, nazis, and nationalists in the Donbas ...

Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human Part 1 

The population – retired people, teachers, doctors, miners (those people who participated in rallies-referendums and supported the “Russian world”) were happy to welcome the slogan “Beat oligarchs!” and were not against shops robberies. The main thing was for Ukrops not to get the stuff. The robbed shops were considered to be Ukrops' ones, so they justified the crimes.

The freedom to buy ended that way. The freedom to buy presents, food products, things, gold, perfume, drugs.

Now it is profitable to go shopping to Russian Gukovo. Maybe, it was worth fighting for that. Do all “Novorossia” residents have such an opportunity?

The population – retired people, teachers, doctors, miners (those people who participated in rallies-referendums and supported the “Russian world”) were happy to welcome the slogan “Beat oligarchs!” and were not against bank robberies as all the bankers were “kolomoyskiy and oligarchs”. They went to ATMs to get pensions and salaries. However, there were no ATMs and no banks. Were Banderovtsy and “Ukrops” in towns at that time? No, they weren't. There were only Russian flags, “freedom”, “Russian world”, and “your guys”.

So, the second freedom was over. The freedom to get money from banks, to withdraw from accounts as much as needed, not everything, because it is scary to have no money left.

The freedom to choose food expired too. People buy the cheapest stuff just to survive.

The freedom to choose treatment, drugs was over because of the absence of of money and doctors in hospitals ...

The freedom to visit hospitals was over for lots of people as the ”lpr” government “optimized” them, in other words, closed them.

Then the population hid their cars in garages. Why? Because they were taken away just in the street. By who? At the time when the transport was “nationalized”, in Sverdlovsk, and Rovenki, and Donetsk, and Antratsyt, and Krasny Luch, and Luhansk , there were no Banderovtsy, no nationalists, no Ukrainian militaries, no National Guard soldiers, no Ukrainian volunteers. Only “self-defense” militants, as you call them “our righteous guys”.

I remember in May, 2014, near a poor super-market “Aybolit”, Sverdlovsk miners were taking away an old manually controlled “Zaporozhets” with “colorado” bands, a Russian flag, a plate “Disabled person”. It was driven … by an old WWII veteran who was with his old wife. Both of them had the status of “Children of the War”. But those who called themselves “liberators” of Sverdlovsk from the junta did not stop.

So, one more freedom expired. The freedom to have personal property and a vehicle.

The freedom to fuel vehicles expired because of the “nationalization” of gas stations. The “nationalization” was conducted by “lpr”, the power “elected by people at the referendum”, “defending” the people. And people thought, “It is better than “junta or Ukrops”.

A car drove at hight speed to a maternity hospital in Horlivka and braked sharply. The driver rushed to the door of the hospital without even closing the car door. The doctor on duty and nurses with a gurney ran out of the hospital. They took the woman in labour out of the car; the woman was bleeding and the blood was dropping on the asphalt. The woman and the doctors disappeared inside, and the man, judging by his age he was the father or the father-in-law of the woman, took out his telephone and started calling. Maybe, the bleeding started all of a sudden, and it is a problem to call an ambulance now that is why the man took his daughter to hospital himself. He was calling relatives. The husband, trying to find money and medicines. Blood… It is impossible for us to know for sure what he was doing. Never. There were three militants in camouflage and “dpr” chevrons watching the man. You know Horlivka is a “liberated” town. Commandant's office, “dpr” army, and no “Ukrops”. The militants came up to the man flouncing about outside the maternity hospital. The militants asked the man to give his telephone to them. The man refused. He was agitated as definitely something was wrong. The militants shot him from their automatic machine guns. The patrol arrived. The militants said that the man was a Ukrainian Armed Forces aimer. They were not arrested for killing the man.

UAF aimers are shot every day. Thousands of civilians have been killed.

People may be accused of being aimers by phone, because of making a photo of their children, because of a car that militants would like to have, because of your flat which your neighbours would like to move, because of a delation. They can throw a grenade at a route taxi just to hear the screaming of “morons” inside. They may throw a grenade at a house door or window. It does not matter whether the people are “theirs” or “strangers”.

So, the freedom of movement, communication, and life was over.

Those people who live there become victims of drunk, drug-abused bandits who seized the power. And it does not matter whether you supported “Russian world”, “novorossiya”, “lpr”, “dpr”, “Russia”, “Putin”, “Kadyrov”.

Olena Stepova Glavpost

Being free from junta, fascists, and everything human Part 3

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