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Militants continue night attacks in the ATO zone

Militants continue night attacks in the ATO zone

Ukrainian servicemen observed militants' shellings in the ATO zone (the Donbas) yesterday evening ans last night. The militants shelled ATO positions in the village of Zaitseve, in the vicinity of Mayske, in Mayorsk and Stary Aydar.

Luhansk schools on the hunt for separatism ideas supporters.

Local authorities are trying to identify the teachers and principals who support the ideas of separatism in the educational establishments of the Luhansk region. Some principals who took part on organizing the so-called “referendum” on May 11, 2014, have been fired.

Marines do not let the residents of Berdyanske village to get to their homes.

The residents of the village of Berdyanske (the Donetsk region) cannot get to their homes. One of the ladies who lives there said that the marines had built a checkpoint near their cottages and do not let anyone get in, explaining that it can be dangerous. Ihor Biryukov, Sector M press officer, says that a part of the village can be mined. 

The car of Slovyansk deputy mayor was set on fire.

The car of the deputy mayor of Slovyansk acting mayor was set on fire by the unknown criminals. At about 2 p.m. someone poured fuel oil on the car and set it on fire. Oleh Zontov, the acting mayor thinks that the reason of it was the election campaign.

The militants' informator was sentenced to 8 years of prison by Volnovakha court.

A local resident was sentenced to 8 years' imprisonment for taking part in armed hostilities on the side of illegal armed formations. The 43-year-old Volnovakha resident was an informator of the illegal “DPR” organization from October 2014 to January 2015.

Mariupol court released a civil servant who had spent 160 000 UAH of budget money.

On September 29, Zhovtnevy District Court of Mariupol chose a pre-trial restraint, namely, personal recognisance, for Volodymyr Bohoslavsky, ex-head of Krasnoarmiysk Regional State Administration. The prosecutor had insisted on arresting the civil servant and is going to impeach the verdict. 
”Donbas Water” director suspected of nearly 600 000 UAH misuse.

The General Prosecutor's Office of the Donetsk region said about the criminal proceeding (Criminal Code of Ukraine, Criminal Rule 26, part 2 — excessive use of power) against the head of Slovyansk regional department of the “Donbas Water” public utility company. He is accused of misusing nearly 600 000 UAH of budget money.

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