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Main news of Donbas: Mariupol territorial election commission seal is missing; Svatove schoolpupils to stay at home on Monday; Zaytseve school to be restored

Main news of Donbas: Mariupol territorial election commission seal is missing; Svatove schoolpupils to stay at home on Monday; Zaytseve school to be restored

Military sappers continue liquidating the consequences of Svatove catastrophy, unexploded pieces of ammunition found in the village are taken to safe places to utilize. Besides this, repair works at Zaitseve school have started. The day before yesterday Armed Forces helped bring there all necessary materials.

Water supply to Svatove was restored

Full water supply and 90 % of power supply have been restored in Svatove (the Luhansk region). 3 brigades which consisted of 10 people and 3 vehicles were employed to restore power supply, 10 brigades consisting of 30 people and 2 vehicles of State Emergency Service of Ukraine were employed there.

Selidove territorial election commission presented the “Opposition Block” with a deputy's seat
Selidove territorial election commission made a mistake counting the number of deputy's seats which are shared among political parties. As a result, the “Opposition Block” political party got one more deputy's seat.
A seal is missing from Mariupol territorial election commission

A seal is missing from Mariupol territorial election commission. Deputy head of the commission reported the incident to the police.

Lenin was toppled in Volnovakha

Lenin monument was toppled in Volnovakha (the Donetsk region) on October 31. It was one of two Lenin monuments still remaining on the unoccupied territory of the Donetsk region. One of them was demolished in accordance with the Act on decommunization. It is still unknown what happened to the second one. Donetsk Regional Military and Civil Administration was going to dismantle both monuments on October 4.

Queues can still be observed at checkpoints

On November 1 there were long queues in both directions at Volnovakha checkpoint, though it did not take a very long time to go trough it. There were queues in both directions at Artemivsk checkpoint, it took a very long time to go through it and there was not a special queue for elderly and disabled persons. Hnutove checkpoint was opened, there was practically no queue and it was possible to go through it quite quickly.

Svatove schoolchildren to stay at home on Monday

Svatove local authorities nade a decision to suspend the academic process on Monday. Four schools and several nursery schools were damaged as a result of the fire at the ammunition warehouse. School windows, indide doors and roof were broken, all windows in “Maliutka” and “Raduha” nursery schools got broken as well, the rooms and inside doors were damaged, Child Development Centre was left without doors or windows.
“Opposition Block” candidate wins Krasny Liman mayoral election

Petro Tsymydan, the “Opposition Block” candidate is the leader of the mayoral election in Krasny Liman (the Donetsk region). According to the results which were presented by the Central Election Commission site, he got 56.3% of the votes. Oleksandr Zhuravlev, a self-nominated candidate, is the second, he got 32.24% of Krasny Liman votes.

Mariupol territorial election commission addressed the police five times in 24 hours

Yesterday members of Mariupol territorial election commision addressed the police five times.
At 2.55 p.m. deputy head of territorial election commission reported that, according to his words, that seal had disappeared. At 5.45 p.m. the same member of the commission complained that the police had not perfornmed their duties to a full expent when they had arrived at the crime scene. He also reported that the secretary of the commission refused to give the key to the safe. The secretary phoned the police at 9 p.m. and said that she was being threatened. Representatives of different political parties, who were complaining of wrongful actions of the members of the commission and the police, also phoned the police department several times.

Poroshenko claims that Mariupol election was disrupted by the head of the territorial election commission

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, in sure that the election in Mariupol was disrupted by the head of the territorial election commission. The head of the state reported that he had addressed the Parliament on October 25 and during the nearest session which is on November 3, MPs are to discuss the question about amendments to the election legistalion which would allow Mariupol election to be held.

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