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Main news of Donbas: Queues at check points; Kuzmy Scryabina Street inVolnlvakha

Main news of Donbas: Queues at check points; Kuzmy Scryabina Street inVolnlvakha

No shelling in ATO zone at night

The night of November 3-4 was quiet in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. Miilitaries continue to fortify their positions and watch militants to repel their attacks any moment”. 

Sappers distracted 200 shells found after the fire in Svatove

In Svatove military sappers are continuing eliminating the consequences of the catastrophe. 200 shells have been distracted for the day. The sappers cleaned 2 hectares of land around the ammunition depot. The sappers are getting ready for the work inside the ammunition depot.

Two militaries and a Ukrainian Security Service officer wounded during militants’ shelling of ATO forces’ positions

Two militaries and a Ukrainian Security Service officer were wounded as a result of shelling the ATO forces’ positions by militants in the Lyhansk region on November 3. From 14:10 till 14:35, militants were shelling thermal power plant in the town of Shchastya from the settlement of Vesela Hora using small arms. At 15:30, militants shelled Trekhizbenka, Novoaydarskiy district, from the settlement of Prishyb employing grenade launchers.

The longest queues at check points are in Artemivsk today

Queues were preserved at some check points in the Donetsk region in the morning of November 4. In Volnovakha, the line in Mariupol direction is about 1.5 km; in Donetsk direction the traffic is very good because the road is almost empty. There was a queue at the newly opened check point in Heorhiyeyka (Kurakhove) before it started working in the morning; now there is no line. The situation is the same in Hnutove.

The Security Service of Ukraine found a cache with TNT

In the suburbs of Shchastya, the Luhansk region, the Security Service of Ukraine found a cache with weapons. The cache was located on the shore of the Luhansk thermal power plant reservoir in an abandoned house of a horticultural society. There were two kg of TNT, an anti-tank grenade launcher and a big amount of cartridges of 7.62-mm caliber.

Oktyabrska Street is Kusmy Skryabina Street in Volnovakha now

There has appeared Kuzmy Skryabina Street in Volnovakha. This decision was made by Volnovakha city council within the framework of Decommunization Act on October 16. In the past it was Oktyabrska Street.

Military tried to take grenades out of Mariupol on a passenger train

On November 3, four grenades and fuses for them were discovered and seized during investigative measures at the railway station “Bolshoy Tokmak”. A military going by train Mariupol-Kyiv tried to transport them. The weapons were forwarded to police for investigation.

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