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Main news of Donbas: Abroskin appointed police chief; Grenade found at bus terminal in Mariupol

Main news of Donbas: Abroskin appointed police chief; Grenade found at bus terminal in Mariupol

Headquarters: Militants were shelling ATO forces’ positions in the direction of Donetsk till morning

Militants shelled ATO forces positions 13 times from launchers of various caliber, antiaircraft guns, and small arms starting from 17:10, yesterday evening, November 6. Illegal gangs fired at ATO forces 6 times in Maryinka, twice in Avdiivka and Troyitske.  From 06.06 till 06.27, Avdiivka was shelled from small arms and by a sniper.

ATO press center: Militants fire in Donetsk and Mariupol directions employing mortars and antiaircraft guns

There were no victims among Ukrainian militaries during the last day. Four Ukrainian militaries were hurt when they were surveying the territory and hit an explosive. There were provocations near our positions at Donetsk airport, in particular, in Piski, Avdiivka, and Opytne. Militants used a 82-mm mortar near Krasnohorivka and an antiaircraft gun in Troyitske.

Abroskin was appointed Chief of the new police in Donetsk region

Khatiya Dekanoidze, Chief of Ukrainian National Police, in accordance with Arsen Avakov, Minister of the Interior of Ukraine, appointed Vyacheslav Abroskin Chief of the National Police Department in the Donetsk region. He was awarded a special rank – Police General of the 3d Rank.

Headquarters: Militants firing at ATO forces in Donetsk, Artemivsk, and Mariupol directions

Yesterday evening militants fired at ATO forces from small arms and mortars which are prohibited by Minsk accords. They shelled Zaytsevo, near Artemivsk, 4 times from automatic and anti-tank launchers, heavy machine guns and sniper rifles. Near Donetsk, they shelled Opytne 5 times from launchers, machine guns and small guns. They shelled Krasnohorivka 3 thimes, Avdiivka – twice, Piski and Novhorodske were shelled too. Near Mariupol, illegal armed factions shelled Hranytne from launchers, heavy machine guns, and small arms. They shelled Novoselivka Vtoraya from 82-mm mortar at 21:00.

Grenade found at bus terminal in Mariupol

A grenade was found in the bus terminal toilet in Mariupol. A Mariupol police unit was informed about the explosive by a bus terminal worker at 07:00. According the woman, there was a grenade and a fuse near a litter box in the toilet. The grenade was taken away by investigative group of Zhovtnevyi police department and experts of the explosive service who immediately came to the place. They say that it was an F-1 grenade.

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