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The centre of occupied Donetsk today PHOTO REPORT, VIDEO

The centre of occupied Donetsk today PHOTO REPORT, VIDEO

Despite the fact that the centre of Donetsk was practically not damaged by armed hostilities, the majority of shops and boutiques here are closed. Small and medium business left the city as well.

If you go along Illyicha avenue from the river to the central square you come across a lot of closed shops, nailed up shop windows and shop signs which are partially damaged by shooting.

Some shops changed their assortment for more demanded one, for example, the shop which used to sell lamps now sells household detergents which are in great demand in the city.

Others are just closed.

Somewhere you can still see the adverts informing about sales and discounts.

Once busy avenue which used to be full of fashionable boutiques is deserted now.

Of course, there are people and cars here but they do not stop for a cup of coffee or to look at new clothes arrivals any more.

Only several shops still work in Illyicha avenue.

A little closer to the main square, at the crossroads of Illyicha avenue and Postysheva street there is “Tirol” bar which used to work before the occupation and still works now.

It is situated in the building which belongs to Oleksandr Klymenko, ex-people's deputy of Ukraine.

“She and He” boutique and “Coffeemania” coffee shop still work here.

The flag if the illegal “DPR” organization os hoisted on top of the building.

Lenin square, the central square of the city is full of “DPR” advertisement.

Peaceful life is not interrupted by the war here, there are UN cars at the Drama Theatre on first nights.

Behind the theatre there is Pushkin boulevard — Donetsk residents' favourite place for walks.

Practically all the shops and cafes work here, even “Lviv Chocolate Shop”, though Pushkin boulevard has was marks as well. The walls of children's hospital are damaged either by shells or by bullets.

Still, the centre of the city if currently its safest place.

The material is published within the framework of “Donbas: Full Access” project which is realized with the help of a Joint Programme between the European Commission and and the Council of Europe for Ukraine “Strengthening information society in Ukraine”.

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