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Report from Donetsk: Settlement of Trudovskiye on the frontline VIDEO

Report from Donetsk: Settlement of Trudovskiye on the frontline VIDEO

The settlement of Trudovskiye has remained Donetsk hottest spot for more than a year. The “Trudovskaya” mine which gave the settlement its name terminated its work completely after several shells had hit it. The miners shifted to other mines, even in Vuhledar or Kurakhove which are controlled by Ukraine.

Even before the war the settlement could not boast modern conveniences, such as asphalted roads, a sewerage system or big supermarkets but compared to what the locals who still stay here have to go through today those were trifles. 

People are scarce in the streets even in daylight. The locals say that small arms can be heard barely 1-2 kilometres away and in the evening heavier weapons and artillery, become audible.

Every third house is partially damaged by pieces of shell or direct hits, these are usual things. The settlement has been on the firing line for more than a year. More than half of the residents left the settlement when the armed hostilities started, but those who have no place to go stayed there.
Shells and bullets fly over the settlement every evening and they often hit the houses. Trudovskiye is situated on the demarcation line between occupied Petrovka and Ukrainin Maryinka. The locals claim that both, “DPR” and the Ukrainian Army shell nearby.

It is difficult to find talkative interlocutors here. Shelling aimed at Maryinka starts. The shooting crew has to leave the dangerous territory and local residents stay here, listening to the sounds of shelling.

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