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Main News of Donbas: «DPR» reduces coal extraction; Production decreased by 34.7% in the Donbas

Main News of Donbas: «DPR» reduces coal extraction; Production decreased by 34.7% in the Donbas

Reports from the front

Pro-Russian mercenaries shelled the ATO positions 29 times during January 24. According to the ATO headquarters press center, «The situation remains tense in the ATO zone. Despite the agreement on the conflict settlement, the enemy continues to shell our positions from different kinds of weapons»,

News from the territory controlled by Ukrainian government

The volume of industrial production decreased by 34.7% in the Donbas (without taking into consideration the ATO zone) in 2015 compared to the previous year, according the Main Statistics Agency in the Donetsk region. In 2009, the year of the economic crisis, industrial production decreased by 21.8%, and in 2014 — by 31.5%. During the last two years, from 2013 to 2015, the industrial production decreased by 2.2 times.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has claimed that Ukraine will file several lawsuits to international courts because of the annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation during the forthcoming two weeks. He said that in the interview to Ukrainian TV channels. He also added that the trials will be held in different international courts.

A year ago, on January 24, 2015, microdistrict Vostochny was shelled in Mariupol. As a result of it, 31 peaceful people perished and 117 were wounded. Civil Corps «Azov» held torchlight procession to commemorate the victims of the act of terrorism at «Vostochny». Several dozens of people marched with torhlights along Marshal Zhukov Avenue to the Monument to the victims of the shelling. Then there was a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of the tragedy.

Reports from the occupied territory

There was a rally to honour president of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and RF president Vladimir Putin in occupied Luhansk on January 23. Members of Russian organization «Night wolves» supported by locals claimed «Kadyrov — Russian patriot» and held a broadsheet with the words «Russia is where we are».

Head of illegal «DPR» Aleksandr Zakharchenko has claimed that morals decline because of Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse, jeans, and Playboy. «Since the time Ukraine gained independence, alien ideology has been imposed on us. In the past we were brought up on such concepts as family, loyalty, fraternity, love to the motherland. Now we are brought up on Coca-Cola, Mickey Mice, jeans, Playboy, etc.», he claimed.

Coal enterprises of the occupied Donbas are to be shifted to a 5-day week by illegal «DPR». «DPR» refused to pay the miners of «Makeevugol» coal enterprise.

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