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Main news of Donbas: 5 servicemen perished in Donbas; “LPR” militant is enjoying himself in Kyiv

Main news of Donbas: 5 servicemen perished in Donbas; “LPR” militant is enjoying himself in Kyiv

Reports from the front:

There were 55 attacks of illegal armed fromations on ATO positions in the Donbas on February 2. The hostilities occured in the vicinity of Pisky, Opytne, Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Mayorsk and Zaitseve.

Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related isuues, reported that 2 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded.

Reports from the territory of the Donbas which is controlled by the Ukrainian govermnemt:

64 million dollars of humanitarian aid is to be alloctaed to internally displaced persons and people who remain in the ATO zone by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Kyiv in 2016. According to the words of Alain Aeschlimann, head of the Red Cross, 13 thousand IDPs are to get 500 dollars of aid in 2016. The Committee is also going to give reagents for purifying water and machinery for repair works to water treatment plant in Popasna (the Luhansk region).

185 people including 4 children under 17 have died of flu-related complications in Ukraine by February 3.  The majority of fatalities took place in the Odesa region (34 cases), in the Vinnytsya region (13) and Cherkassy region (13). According to the information of the Ministry of  Healthcare, the epidemic threshold was exceeded in 19 regions of Ukraine (it was more than 50 % exceeded in 11 regions).

Kostyantynivka (the Donetsk region) activists lodged a complaint against Serhiy Davydov, the present town head. According to the public opinion, his authorities are illegal as there was no election in the town and the head of military and civil administration was not appointed either. Davydov refesed to be present at the court hearings.

On February 2, five servicemen were wounded by an explosive device when they were patrolling Artemivskiy district of the Donetsk region. One serviceman perished; the other four were taken to hospital in Svatove, the Luhansk region. Law enforcers qualified the accident as an act of  terrorism, and it is investigated under Article 258 on the Criminal Code  of Ukraine.

Today, February 3, Zaytseve checkpoint was temporarily closed for the sake of the security of civilians. The reason for the closure was shellings by “DPR” which have intensified.  The UNO is against Zaytseve closure. 

Reports from the occupied terrotory:

Illegal “DPR”  grouping ordered Donetsk activists Enrique Menedes and the Shybalov brothers to leave the occupied territory. At night, February 2, they were picked up by the State Border Guard Service officers near Kurakhove, the Donetsk region. On February 3, the office of “Responsible Citizens" organization, which the volunteers are members of, was searched.

A section of a bridge fell down in the center of occupied Luhansk. The movement across the bridge has been blocked and drivers have to go across the bridge in Kamenobrodskiy district of the city. Locals say that only a part of the bridge fell down — one of the plates on the left side broke down.

Militants' commander of «South-East Army» unit Serkhiy Korsunskiy, who participated in the seisure of administrative buildings in Luhansk, was noticed  in a restaurant in Kyiv. Korsunskiy was against the unity of Ukraine, and he often participated in press conferences together with «LPR» grouping leader Valeriy Bolotov. According to him, criminal proceding has not been opened against him in Ukraine.

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