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Main News of Donbas: Queues at ATO zone exit checkpoints again; shelling does not stop

Main News of Donbas: Queues at ATO zone exit checkpoints again; shelling does not stop

Reports from the front

Militants opened fire at Ukrainian militaries' positions 61 times during the last day, according to the ATO Headquarters press center. “The main hotspots are Donetsk suburbs and temporarily occupied Horlivka”. One serviceman was wounded; no one  perished.

Reports from the territory which is controlled by the Ukrainian government

Constant shelling prevents from restoring the gas pipeline in Maryinka, as it was informed by Volodymyr Moroz, Head of military and civil administartion. “The closer the repairs are to completion, the more intensive the shelling of repairing teams is. However, despite constant shelling and sometimes very unfavourable weather conditions, the repairing teams are working day and hight, moving forward to the target”, wrote he.

There are long queues of vehicles at ATO zone checkpoints in the Donetsk region again. There is a queue of 500 vehicles waiting to get to the Ukrainian territory near the town of Kurakhove on February 8. The increase of passenger traffic at Kurakhove checkpoint was caused by the worsening of the situation and the closure of Zaytseve checkpoint near Artemivsk. Checkpoint Maryinka worked longer hours because of the increase of the traffic.

29 cases of death caused by flu-related complications were registered in Ukraine from September 29, 2015 to February 2, 2016, according to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

The press service of Kramatorsk prosecutor's office reports that the fact of professional negligence of GPs which caused mass mortality is being ivestigated into.  During the pre-trial investigation, it was found out that a 36-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman had died of bilateral pneumonia which is a flu-related complication. The accidents had happened in in-patient departments of town hospital #1 and town hospital #2 in December 2015 and January 2016. One more man (46 years old) died at home. The death could be caused by the negligence of doctors who did not hospitalize the patients.

Reports from the occupied territory

Stanislav Kim, new head of Horlivka occupational administration (the Donetsk region), had acknowledged the fact that he had been a Euromaidan participant in Kyiv in December 2013. He claimed that he had been protecting law enforcers from  protesters. Kim states that he had been a member of an organization whih was maintaining law and order on Euromaidan in Ukrainian capital and he had spant there more than two weeks. He denies the information that he had been a Maidan “centurion” or had been among “Right Sector” servicemen. Besides, the militant also added that the victims appeared in Khreschatyk after he had left.

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