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Main News of Donbas: False IDPs are searched for in the Donetsk region; Verkhnetoretske — life in the “grey zone"

Main News of Donbas: False IDPs are searched for in the Donetsk region; Verkhnetoretske — life in the “grey zone"

Reports from the front

Pro-Russian militaries have shelled Ukrainian forces' strongholds 18 times since early morning. The situation in the vicinity of Donetsk is the most dangerous; there have been 15 shellings. The information was presented by the ATO Headquarters press center.

Verkhnetoretske is a settlement on the frontline in Yasynuvata district, the Donetsk region. The demarcation line between Ukrainian troops and the “DPR” militants' grouping is located in the suburbs of Verkhnetoretske.

Reports from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government

More than 25 thousand IDPs' certificates are suspended in Kramatorsk, the department of Labour and Social Security reports. The supense was the result of the check of 34 thousand documents which had been issued and which had been the foundation of getting social payments by citizens. According to the check of the list of IDPs within the framework of combatting economic crimes, there are 16,933 IDPs registered in Slovyansk. These people are suspected of living permanently on the uncontrolled territory and getting IDPs' benefits in Slovyansk.

Starobilsk (the Luhansk region) mayor was found heavily wounded on the town council premises on Monday, February 22. He had gunshot wounds and later died in the ambulance on the way to hospital. Press service of the Main department of the National Police in the Luhansk region reported that “Volodymyr Zhyvaho, Starobilsk town head, died of gunshot wounds in the head on the way to hospital.” He was wounded on the head and on the neck, as it was informed later.

TV programmes and press in the Ukrainian language must be imposed on Donetsk and Luhansk region residents, according to Hanna Chernyavska, deputy head of Donetsk regional state administration press service. She is sure that though the locals’ native language is Russian, they understand Ukrainian as well. This is why, syas Chernyavska, the position of the local authorities is imposing materials in the Ukrainian langauge on the local residents. 

Reports from the occupied territory

”Changing places” continues in “DPR” politics. On February 22, Aleksandr Kofman was dismissed from the position of minister of foreign affairs according to the “decree of the head of the republic”. He was replaced by Natalia Nikanorova who is called “second-in-command” in Denis Pushylin’s faction.

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