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Main news of Donbas: Mariupol decommunization scandal; TV broadcasting strategy discussed in Donbas

Main news of Donbas: Mariupol decommunization scandal; TV broadcasting strategy discussed in Donbas

Reports from the front

Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues, informed at a briefing that 3 Ukrainian servicemen had been wounded in the direction of Mariupol on March 3.

More that 1.5 thousand women have done their miltary service in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. Oleksiy Chornobay, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine presser, stated that more than 17 thousand women are currently doing their military service, more than 2.2. thousand of them are officers.

Reports from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government

A conference “Broadcasting strategy for Donbas” takes place in Kramatorsk on March 4. The speakers discuss the concept for objective coverage of the events in the region. One of the possible aims, in their opinion, is increasing the locals’ trust in MM. Oren Murphy, Ukraine Country Representative at USAID / OTI, said that there is lack of quality information in the Donbas today.

“Our recent surveys show that 16% less people currently watch Russian mass media. It is impotrtant for Ukrainian MM to take the informational niche which has been freed. It is crucial to understand the audience’s tastes, content and platform demands”, said Murphy.

There was a dispute on decommunization act at the session of Mariupol city council. Deputies proposed to rename Marshal Zhukov Street — to give it the name Heroyiv ATO (ATO Heroes). At first, they were not going to rename this street. Then, after the dispute between those who were for and those who were against, the former group was outnumbered.

According to the preliminary data of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), about 400 thousand IDPs from the East of Ukraine and the Crimea have falsified their status. The information was presented by Pavlo Rozenko, Minister of Social Policy.

Reports from the occupied territory

Aleksandr Zakharchenko, head of the illegal “DPR” organization, claimed that Avdiivka and Krasnokhorivka are blocked by Ukrainian miliraries. He said, “The town of Avdiivka has been closed for five days, and it is prohibited to leave it. The situation is the same in Krasnohorivka". The secretary of Avdiivka town council refuted this information. Volodymyr Moroz, chief of Maryinka district military and civil administration (which Krasnohorivka is subordinated to) said that it is impossible to block the town even theoretically.

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