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How Akhmetov's "social bondings" are cut under conditions of occupation

How Akhmetov's "social bondings" are cut under conditions of occupation

Tendencies towards breaking the last remaining relations with the "Big" Ukraine are increasingly visible in the occupied areas of the Donetsk region.

One such bonding is Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov. His structures and his mass media too cultivated the image of local patriotism which often has explicitly anti-Ukrainian character for decades.
Many journalists who later became a bullhorn of the occupation worked on Akhmetov's newspapers for many years.

Such "patriotism" was needed for political purposes of "Rinat's team", first of all, to consolidate power of local financial and industrial groups, create an image of a common "enemy" (figurative "Kiev" was often assigned on this role), in the name of which it was necessary to unite around a leader.

The leader was to protect the rights of "Donetsk" people (in sb's wisdom this category included all people of Donbass without any exception) from some abstract evil such as the alleged "prohibition against Russian language", or " Banderovites".

There was no global goal in the form of secession from Ukraine, as such a move would destroy the economy of the region.

Availability of such local "patriotism"  initially promoted the information cover-up of the occupation and the disorganization of inhabitants of the region.They simply did not understand what was happening and what to do in such a situation because they believed that Russia can not be the aggressor inherently, even though it was after the fact.

Tactically, such manipulations have allowed the political force in which ranks Akhmetov played an important role to hold monopoly power in the region, but strategically it led to the collapse of this monopoly.

The Russians who seem to have decided on the prospects of the occupied regions of Donetsk region in the next few years do not need any local elites anymore.

Why would someone agree to take into account someone's opinion if he can take all at once by force?

Lack of prospects for implementation of the Minsk Agreements in the aspect as they are seen by the Russian Federation, forces it to take the situation in the Donbas occupation under its full control.
Any local alternative or potential alternative decision-making units and power houses should be "frozen" or even annihilated.

Local personnel for operations on the formal return of the occupied areas to the Ukraine is not needed now, because this possible return is postponed for uncertain term.

Now on the occupied territory all the power houses are being neutralized that are perceived as belonging to Rinat Akhmetov.
On February, 4th volunteer group "Responsible Citizens" has announced suspension of its work in the occupied territory. It happened after some of its members were arrested by the so-called Ministry of State Security of "DPR". 

The group was a service organization of Humanitarian Staff "Help" of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation delivering humanitarian aid of the foundation directly to recipients.
Loyal public rhetoric of individual members of the volunteer initiative with regard to the representatives of "DPR" earlier helped them work on the territory which is not controlled by the government.

Later, some members of the initiative such as Enrique Menendez were forced to leave the occupied territory.

On February, 20 the former brigade commander of militants "Vostok" from the organization "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexandr Khodakovsky said that he could be killed.

Prior to that, he was removed from his post of the so-called "head of the National Security Council" in "DPR". Some field commanders of militants voiced criticism against him. Khodakovsky was accused of having links with the oligarchs, also he was criticized for the fact that he had previously headed a special unit "Alpha" of the Donetsk Regional Department of the Ukrainian Security Service and, therefore, may be a potential traitor. 

Khodakovsky in his interviews repeatedly opposed the seizure of Akhmetov's businesses arguing that in such a case there will be problems inevitably with the implementation of the products of these enterprises that would have a negative impact on the socio-economic situation in the occupied territory.

Brigade "Vostok" was known for that its soldiers guarded the huge Akhmetov's house near the Botanic Garden in Donetsk.

If previously belonging to Akhmetov's structures could provide a minimum level of safety in the occupied territory it seems now that the rules are changing.

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