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Main News: Avdiivka was shelled from tanks; It will be prohibited for Donetsk region officials to visit the occupied territory

Main News: Avdiivka was shelled from tanks; It will be prohibited for Donetsk region officials to visit the occupied territory

Reports from the front

During the last 24 hours, illegal armed formations have shelled Ukrainian positions in the ATO zone  54 times: 41 — Donetsk direction, 13 — Mariupol direction. As a result, three Ukrainian militaries were wounded, according to the information presented at a briefing by Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, PA spokesperson on ATO related issues.

Reports from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government

Pavlo Zhebrivsky, chairperson of Donetsk regional military and civil administration, is going to issue an order according to which Donetsk region officials will be prohibited to cross the demarcation line in the Donbas. He said that on the air of “The 5th Channel”. The measure is required by the fact that  Ukrainian officials are hunted for by “DPR” militants. “Terrorists have got the lists of all the employees of Donetsk regional and district administrations. Terrorists have this information at their checkpoints; they try to talk to Ukrainian officials, to make them sign some letters and documents. In this critical situation it is inadmissible. On Wednesday, the order will be signed and transferred to border guards at checkpoints”,- said Zhebrivsky.

A flash mob in support of Nadiya Savchenko was organized by Slovyansk activists in Slovyansk (the Donetsk region).

Reports from the occupied territory

Today, on Internationa Women’s Day, occupied Donetsk looks abandonned. Some people are walking in the centre of the city, but today, even on a public holiday, the centre is much less crowded than it used to be before the “DPR” occupation.  A report of a  “News of Donbas” correspondent. 

The “DPR” grouping claims that a group of Russian journalists got under artillery fire in the vicinity of the town of Yasynuvata. The group consisted of representatives of three federal channels: RussiaToday, 1st Channel, 5th Channel. There was also a RIA Novosti correspondent. None of the journalists was injured. The “DPR” militants also claim that Donetsk-Yasynuvata highway is under intense shelling from 82 mm-caliber mortars, anti-aircraft mounts and small arms. The motorway section situtated between Yasynuvata and Horlivka is being shelled in the vicinity of Yasynuvata checkpoint. The militants accuse the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the shelling. 

Donetsk and Horlivka are temporarily occupied by illegal armed formations.

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