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The way from occupation to exams in Ukraine. Part 2

The way from occupation to exams in Ukraine. Part 2

If school leavers bring documents of the unrecognized republics? Should they take something like that?

No, there is nothing they need to take therefrom because those documents are generally not accepted. And they will not be considered, too. After registering for the external studies, the child must pass the final knowledge assessment and pass the state final certification. By the way, state final examination (SFE) in 11th grade will mandatorily include three subjects in the form of independent assessment: Ukrainian language – on May 5, Mathematics – on May 11, History of Ukraine – on May 13. Graduates may choose Math or History of Ukraine. They should specify at the time of registration the choice of the subject which will be scored for SFE. On May 20 SFE on foreign languages will be held according to the tasks of the Ministry of Education and Science. I would also like to note that on April 16 the trial External independent evaluation on foreign languages will take place. As an option, graduates may choose scoring of trial assessment results as a result of the SFE.

Are external studies a formal procedure or should children really study there?

Given the fact that crossing the demarcation line is rather complicated, there are long queues at the check points, plus, it is very expensive to get there, so in this case you can apply on the Internet. That is, you can send the scanned application and contact us by phone. There is information about the educational institutions on the site. You can also go through the final assessment. But as long as there are no regulations that would allow SFE and EIE to pass in distant form, so you have to appear in person to pass SFE. This is what we have today. Let's see whether the issue will be addressed further.

Today we are witnessing an escalation of the conflict, entrance-exit checkpoints are closed. If they are closed at the time of registration, what shall those children, who cannot come there, do?

This is a rather complex issue, I think that is still closer to the term of carrying out SFE the issue of passing in the distant form will be addressed. Even if graduates are not able to pass SFE and EIE this year, they can take the opportunity to pass them later (terms to pass EIE and SFE will be extended). Also, it will be possible to be transferred to the evening tuition and pass SFE solving tasks of an educational institution, but entering a higher educational institution will not be allowed. In this case, a graduate will receive an official certificate, and next year he/she will be able to register for EIE, pass it, and go to university.

Compared with the last year, have the rules changed?

There are some changes in the procedure of amendments to the registration data of graduates. You need to specify the status of the result on the Ukrainian language and Literature, Mathematics and History of Ukraine in your registration form. This means that an applicant must specify which subject should be counted as a SFE result. As for the Ukrainian language, in that case a graduate must specify whether he/she needs to take into account this result or not, maybe he/she was a graduate of the last year. A package of registration documents can be sent to the education assessment centre piece by piece. The educational institution must make changes to the registration data of the graduate and send a set of documents. The persons who came to pass SFE in the form of EIE and finished passing the test ahead of schedule, due to violations will be scored with 0 points that means 1 point for SFE. Accordingly, 1 point will be put to the education certificate.

Do you have information how many children from the occupied territory have been registered to pass the External Independent Evaluation?

No, we are just beginning to track this information because the registration started not so long ago and I think we'll pay more attention to this. I can say that as of today in the Donetsk region 1224 students have registered for the external form of education.

Is this number big or small?

This is more than last year. Last year, 857 graduates who studied as external students received a certificate about the general secondary education.

Our topic is on how to help the Ukrainians in the occupation. Let's summarize what a prospective student needs to do to come here and enter a higher education institution? What documents are needed and how soon?

First of all, students in the 10-11th grades must register for the external education form and be enrolled to school. I recall that it is possible to submit an application and pass assessment remotely through the Internet.

There is a question from a resident of the Ocheretino village: "What solution is accepted for the school in Ocheretino which is in a critical condition? There are a lot of leaks. It is covered with mould so children breathe it all in! This school was attended by the Head of the Education Department. So what is now? "

"Yesterday the school was visited by Director of Department of Education and Science Nadezhda Oksanchuk, but I have no authority to comment the situation which is happening in the school, " – that was the answer.

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