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In Ukraine real IDPs suffer because of the search for "fake" migrants. Part 2

In Ukraine real IDPs suffer because of the search for "fake" migrants. Part 2

Ukrainian state authorities will check the authenticity of all persons on their status and legitimacy of social payments.

Nearly a million IDPs have come under suspicion from the SBU and may lose any state support.
Korrespondent has figured out who has been got to the black lists, and how to restore your good name, says Evgeniya Vetsko in №9 of the edition of March 11, 2016.

A penny saved is a penny gained
Relevant authorities attended sharply the problem of fraud to payments to migrants in the second half of February. The basis to enter people in the ill-fated lists is not known; it has not been disclosed how many persons there; how to found if your name is among the "lucky", is unclear.
Officials from the local social security authorities are supposed to call up such people on their own, but according to migrants there were few such cases. More often they get this "music" already when they do not get their money.

"I went on my own and wrote a statement on the recovery of payments. They said they had to call me, but did not call, because they have no money to call to my operator", - says Natalya from Dneprodzerzhinsk.

However, the most acute is the question who falls into this list and on what grounds. There may actually be bogus migrants of the 900 thousand people put down by the SBU.

But those have crossed the path to the security forces when they're angry who not only does not live in the occupied territories, but also does not appear there from the very beginning of the conflict.

And judging by groups of migrants in social networks, the problem gets catastrophic proportions. Thousands of people which children go to school in the territories controlled by Kiev, pensioners who regularly address to the social insurance agencies, officially working migrants - they all were forced to prove their status. In addition, experience has shown that the lists are made out absolutely incorrectly. The situation is sometimes reaches the point of absurdity.

In Luhansk region director of the regional department of Social Protection confirmed that the region has received a list of 125,252 people to check (of the 255,537 registered displaced persons). And it has appeared that it was almost impossible to identify 99 thousand persons. Therefore, after a "manual" verification payments for 1,470 people have been suspended.

"It's a shame that real migrants who desperately need help have got in the heat of the moment right now. Those who fell into these lists are deprived not only of IDP-aimed, and all payments: pensions, allowances for the disabled, for single mothers and others, - lamenting Tatiana, our heroine from Melitopol. - I have a child in school but that did not prevent me to get on the list. "
Guide for use

She had already decided the issue on her own. "I brought a certificate from the senior tenant certified in the municipal housing committee office, and a certificate from the school. They said that the status is restored, the certificate is valid, and now in April it will need to be extended"- says Tatiana.
She adds that was even surprised at how quickly it has managed to settle the misunderstanding. The long-awaited money was received in the card a few days after the visit to the bodies of social protection.
Official structures also assure that the displaced person status will be restored immediately as soon as the person would confirm his/her actual residence in the territories under the control of Kiev.
"If we receive information from the migration service or migrant appeal to the department of Social Security on his/her own that the SBU was wrong and has register him/her in the list without grounds, all payments will be immediately restored" - promises Rozenko.
Letter of the law

"I think the Ministry of Social Policy actions unlawful, - says the head of the board of public organization "Human Rights Council of Ukraine" Natalia Chuiko. - Law of Ukraine On Protection of the rights and freedoms of internally displaced people and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 505 established a clear list of reasons according to which an IDP certificate can be canceled. And there is no concept of "suspension of payments" and effectiveness of an IDP certificate. The law directly determines that the decision to cancel the certificate should be taken by the head of structural division on social protection in the community. Instead of the SBU!".

As Chuyko emphasizes, orders and letters of the Ministry of Social Policy are advisory in nature and may not contradict the laws of Ukraine. "Today we see the exact opposite," - she finds.
But the people who have remained in the occupied territories cannot expect nothing in particular. The Government seriously intend to deprive them of all the payments. Human rights activists remind that people who stay in the ATO zone are Ukrainian citizens with the same rights, including on social protection. Lawyers are not far behind.

The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees that citizens have a right to social protection. And depriving a disabled person his/her pension and other social payments not only violates the Basic Law, but also endangers his/her life due to lack of source of subsistence.

"This is a sensitive issue for the thousands of citizens who are resident in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Such payments for most of them are the only source of livelihood. Many can expect starvation without them"- warns the public organization SOS Donbas.


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