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Defense instead of coal: what would be the results of the transformation of Donbas into a military hub

Defense instead of coal: what would be the results of the transformation of Donbas into a military hub

It is called "Doves of Peace" and this is a large-scale defense cluster into which a former coal region of the country can be transformed. Bogdan Chaban told in detail to Re: mines of this global concept for the new Donbas, proper transformation of mines and a new level of industrialization in the region.
- Why did you decide that Donbas needs in a defense hub?
- We have long been discussing this topic with Roman. And we have come to that in this sense we are inspired by the experience of Israel. I have some experience in combat. I just observed directly all that takes place in this branch. I noticed some bugs, but I prefer to see in them first the opportunities for the region. Because any crisis situation is the moment, the way, a jump for the development of some completely new and cool things. So we decided to look at the war that we all perceive these years as a trouble as at an opportunity that can give a new breath both for the Donbas and for the entire Ukraine.
- Slogan of your project: "A cluster where evil becoming a good (and money)". As for good, it is clear. What is the money-making potential of the defense hub?
- Really it is hard to count all the sectors that will be covered by this military sphere. But let's, again, look at a country like Israel. It is less than Ukraine both in terms of population and in territorial terms, but nevertheless it can afford $ 7.2 billion export of defense technologies in a year. In short, I think at this stage Ukraine can count on $ 2 billion export.
- Compared to the current $ 323 million.
- Yes, compared to the current $ 323 million of "scrap" which we export to third countries..
- Your defense hub will produce everything from bullets to the high-tech? Or narrower specialization is supposed?
- No narrow specialization. We just have to consider each company separately, estimate its potential, and to decide that there would be more logical to make. The defense hub should be understood as a launch pad for the entire military theme which can develop in these areas.
- What industries adjacent to military one may appear there?
- Firstly, a serious logistics is needed for all that. Then, the service sector. Also educational projects needed for training craftsmen. Also, IT-companies that will specialize in the defense industry. It is only if to hit the high points. That is, the defense hub entails a lot of different specializations.
- How much jobs it can give?
- We plan that it will be possible to busy about 60% of unemployed people in the region.
- Today fighting is underway in Donbas. Now there's a plan to make it a military hub. How does all this affect the mentality of the people in the region?
- The main thing is that people will work. And they will understand that are working on the right innovative things. The mentality must be changed so by giving work and opportunity to receive income. It is, in fact, the most important thing at the moment. People need to feel some confidence. It does not matter what kind of legal activity will provide it,.
- There is a danger that the neighboring country will especially decide to seize the region if there would be a large part of the defense enterprises of Ukraine, isn't it?
- Well, such risks there are also in Kiev which is at a distance of 2.5-hour drive from the border with Russia. We are surrounded by the neighboring country, what can we do.
- How long does it take to deploy a defense hub?
- I think everyone can run for a year. We should take a single enterprise to transform its specialization, to start manufacturing products. In general, it is possible to feel the effect for one year.


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