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From prison to Donbas: a Belarusian fighting for "DPR" has admitted to murder more than 100 Ukrainians

From prison to Donbas: a Belarusian fighting for "DPR" has admitted to murder more than 100 Ukrainians

One of the divisions of the militants involved in the confrontations at Yasinovataya is under command of the citizen of Belarus Alexander Agrenich. This is stated in the article of the Belarusian Radio Svaboda.

In the late '90s Agrenich passed military service in the Armed Forces of Belarus and then also served in Grodno in anti-aircraft missile brigade. Eight years of his 37 years he spent in Belarusian prisons.

Since 2014 Agrenich (call sign "Dragon") takes an active part in the hostilities in Donbas. He gets promoted to the commandership in the illegal armed groups.
In the article of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" it was said that Agrenich has 5 previous convictions for a murder committed in the heat of passion, for thefts and fraud. The newspaper also quoted the dossier of law enforcement bodies to the militant:

"He is characterized negatively by the place of his residence; as it is supposed, he takes drugs. Sees actions being the commander of an intelligence unit at the side of "DPR". Recently he has moved from Luhansk to Donetsk where he participates in the search and elimination of subversive groups. He has not intentions to return to Belarus", - stated in the dossier.

The militant does not hide that previously he had criminal records.

"Yes, I shall be honest with you, I had criminal records. I've had previous convictions for theft and fraud. What kind of fraud? - I borrowed money and said I will repay them, but did not. Well, in such a way. In total I spent 8 years in prison, "- he says.

At the beginning of the conflict in Donbas Agrenich moonlighted as a builder in Russia. After stories of the Russian media about the "atrocities and killings" of civilians by Ukrainian Army he went to fight on the side of the militants.

"I have heard so much about this war from the media. I arrived here with a friend. We both worked in Russia on a construction site. At first, I came not to fight, but I was curious to find out what's going on", - reminds the militant.

Today, "Gorynych" heads the intelligence unit and about 400 people are at his command. Salary of the militant is 32 thousand Russian rubles.
He recognized that since his arrival to Donbas he killed more than a hundred Ukrainians.

"Yes, I've killed a lot. The figure rose past a hundred. And if you see an enemy in sight, what would you do? "- he says.

Agrenich absolutely convinced that he is at war with the "Ukrainian fascists." He says that he has decided to fight for the separatists just after seeing the schools bombed out by Ukrainian troops. At the same time he does not deny that civilians in Donbas suffer from actions of militants.

"Of course, civilians suffer. We can not be ideal. It happens when there is a massive blow - well, they couldn't go anywhere from this, you understand that this is a war. There are victims from our faults, I will not deny it".
According to the militants, Donbas is a Russian territory:

"I have talked with ordinary people, and I had the impression that this area is likely Russian. They trust Putin more than the Ukrainian authorities. I have not seen aggression from Russia, I have seen only help. I had not personally seen that Russians bring the tanks to us. But, military vehicles came, they brought to us helmets, body armor, communication facilities and medicines. I'm talking about my unit, "- he clarifies.

"Except for Russia we would all dead there. This is thanks to Russia, we fight here".

According to Agrenich, totally about 700-800 Belarusians fight on the side of the militants. According to the data of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, about 140 Belarusian citizens participated in the conflict in Donbas on both sides, 8 of them were killed.

Only in his squad there are 40 Belarusian citizens, given that the Belarusians had not been chosen to the division commanded by "Gorynych" on a national basis - there are Dagestanis, Chechens, and other nationalities.

In Belarus Agrenich has a father and two sons from his first marriage. In Donbas the militant has re-married with the participant of the gangs which has the call sign "Bagheera".
Agrenich does not anticipate to return to Belarus in the near future, as he fears of prosecution for his role in the war - President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declared that "Gorynych" is a terrorist.

" I still has father in Belarus, he lives in Volkovysk. He was visited by officers from the Investigative Committee, and later from the Committee for State Security. It was concerning me. A guy from Volkovysk fights in my unit, we are familiar with him from our childhood. We went to fight with him. Officers from Committee for State Security came to his sister. I do not understand what they want from us. We are located in Ukraine, we are not going to Belarus. You want me to stop fighting? It will not happen. I will not stop fighting until we arrive to Kiev and will exterminate all the "fascists", - the militant assures.
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