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8 TV channels of "DPR" in the Donetsk region account for 1 Ukrainian and 1 belonging to Akhmetov ones

8 TV channels of "DPR" in the Donetsk region account for 1 Ukrainian and 1 belonging to Akhmetov ones

In the second year of the occupation of certain districts of the Donetsk region analog broadcasting of Ukrainian TV channels has not been recovered in their territory as a whole. This is stated in the report prepared by the non-governmental organization "Donetsk Institute of Information".

According to authors of the study the main problem due to which the broadcasting recovery did not happen is the capture in Donetsk of the highest TV tower in the region and premises of a number of local TV stations with their equipment.

Thus the occupation administration in the form of organization "Donetsk People's Republic" gained control over almost all regional TV channels which have worked in the city until the beginning of the aggression.

It was found that there were created 4 major propaganda channels of the occupation administration on the basis of the captured channels; those channels produce a variety of content, first of all, propaganda programs in a format of the analytical show.

In total, according to the "Ministry of Information of "DPR" on the territory under its control there are 8 channels all of which are directly established by the "Ministry of Information".

TV channels "DPR" are shown not only in the occupied territory. Capture of the TV tower in Donetsk allowed to send both analogue and digital signals into the territory of Donetsk region controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. As a result, at least hundreds thousands people living in the frontline area have the opportunity to follow the propaganda of the occupation administration. 

In the town of Krasnoarmeysk with a population of more than 60 thousand people that is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Donetsk, you can watch the TV channel "Oplot" of the occupation authorities in the usual and HD quality. Products of the main channels being on the side of the occupation authorities has a high technical quality.

There are only two regional television channels on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities,. The output of one of them, the Broadcasting Company "Donbas", is full of direct and indirect advertising of the activities of its billionaire owner Rinat Akhmetov. 

The second television channel is the Donetsk Regional Directorate of the National TV (former regional broadcasting company) is actually created from the ground up and is in the recovery stage due to the seizure of its assets in Donetsk.

The regional broadcasting company has already started to produce some of its own programs, but still a significant portion of its products is made up of projects "Nastoyashchee vremya", "Radio Svoboda" and the NGO "Public TV of Donbas".

The broadcasting of these channels covers only a small part of the occupied territories. Broadcasting, radio communications and TV concern informed that measures taken by its specialists allowed to expand the network of the regional TV throughout almost the entire controlled territory of the region, as well as "to provide residents of Volnovakhsky, Maryinsky, and Starobeshevsky districts, and the south part of the city of Donetsk and neighborhoods by high quality, multi-program television broadcasting of Ukrainian TV channels".

The study has noted that even a full return of the Ukrainian TV channels broadcasting to the occupied territory would not guarantee the return of the people into Ukrainian information space since many of them use the services of cable operators who are obliged to exclude Ukrainian TV channels from packages of their services.

Fully restoration of broadcasting is prevented by the absence of real authority and resources available by the Commission on stable operation of the national television and radio broadcasting that deals with this issue. Resources of the Ministry of information policy also does not allow to make it. 

The study authors advise the Ukrainian government to focus on the work in the Russian social networks which are the most popular in the occupied territory, and maintain a network of local sites in the small towns of Donetsk region what editorial boards were forced to leave their towns because of the threat of violence. Now those sites being deprived of advertising and support are still actively read by the inhabitants of the occupied cities who have been disappointed in the Russian propaganda or were originally skeptical to it, these sites are also actively monitored by representatives of local occupational administration since these sites have become the only independent media writing about these towns and the only source of an alternative information.
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