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“The nurse did not help because I was registered in another place”

“The nurse did not help because I was registered in another place”

This issue of «Donetsk Dialogue», a program broadcast on Donbas Public TV channel, is devoted to Olih. His family has gone through a lot of troubles, and not only because he has health problems (he needs a lot of drugs every day), but because of the occupation of his native place. When the war started, his both sons went to the front to protect Donetsk from militants. Because of that Olih and his wife were captured and then had to escape from the city.

«DPR» militants wanted to find our elder son. They took us to the basement and beat us to get information. When they understood that they would not get anything, they released us. They thought that we would try to contact the son and they will seize him and us. Friends helped us to escape. Terrorists took insulin from my husband. I explained that he would die without it, but they did not listen to me. We would not have survived without kind people who helped us. Volunteers provided us with food and drugs as my husband did not get any pension. We lived in basements as we could not live at home. Then we had to go to Odesa as our young son was severely wounded and taken to hospital there. We had no money even to fuel the car. And again, there was help from volunteers», says Olih's wife.

Olih has been living with diabetes for six years, but has never experienced so many problems with drugs as he does at present. Several times when there was threat to life because of the absence of insulin, it was only volunteers who helped. IDPs dependent on drugs occurred in a very complicated situation — to get drugs from the state one should be registered at the new place and go through various bureaucratic procedures. However, Olih was without papers, so help was not given to him even when his health condition was critical.

« If I don't get an insulin injection, I will get in coma and then die. Once there was no insulin. I went to the central hospital in Kramatorsk, but the chief nurse refused to help me as I was registered in Byelozersk. I explained my situation to him, and ask for, at least, one injection. He said that it may have happened that I had visited hospitals in different towns and  got insulin to sell it at the market. Then our sons called volunteers, and the insulin was brought to the place where we were living», Olih told the journalists.

«The man has suffered a lot, and I sympathize with him. However, he is registered as an IDP in Byelozersk, so, he can get insulin only there. In the region, there are 10 thousand insulin-dependent people, 500 of them are IDPs. All of them are provided with insulin», Yuriy Uzun, Director of the health-care department, comments on.

On the occupied territory medicines are very expensive today. Even well-known funds which bring humanitarian aid to Donetsk cannot always help drug-dependent people.

«Besides insulin, I have to take a lot of other drugs every day. Their cost is about 450 Hryvnyas a week. Taking into account the fact that my pension is 940 Hryvnyas, I cannot afford to buy them. I suffer from high pressure, but I cannot take the medicine every day. I have pain in legs, but I cannot afford to buy the medicine. Maybe, it is possible to make drugs for IDPs free or sell them with a discount», says Oleh.

«Unfortunately, there is no mechanism of state help to such patients. A special law is needed. At the beginning of the year, 226 million Hryvnyas were allotted to the Donetsk region on medical help to IDPs. In October, 86 million more were added as the load on medical institutions increased», Yuriy Uzun, Director of the health-care department, comments on the situation.

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