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TV broadcasting in the occupied territory of Donbas: the actual situation and challenges. Part 3

TV broadcasting in the occupied territory of Donbas: the actual situation and challenges. Part 3

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Broadcasting in the liberated territory

After the capture of the highest TV tower of Donetsk region in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk (the height of 360.5 meters) the representatives of the occupation authorities have the ability to broadcast their channels deeper into the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. In Krasnoarmeysk which is located 60 kilometers from Donetsk, "Oplot" channel can be received in HD quality. You can see "Pervy Respublikansky" in a bad quality in some areas of Slavyansk which is located at a distance of more than 100 kilometers from Donetsk.

Traditionally, regional television channel offices were located in Donetsk, so all of them were captured and turned into propaganda voicers of the occupation authorities.

The only regional TV channel which has not come under the control of the occupation authorities is the TV channel "Donbas". According to publicly available information, it belongs to Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov. Belonging to the powerful media group which has considerable resources, has allowed it to keep broadcasting in the pre-war volume.

The television channel devotes a lot of airtime to covering the life of the people in the conflict zone, their problems and activity of the humanitarian fund "Help" established by Rinat Akhmetov. The channel has no analytical TV products on the basis of which the inhabitants of the region could form their ideological position on topical issues of social and political life.

Donetsk Regional State Television and radio broadcasting company (now the Donetsk Regional Directorate of the National Television Company of Ukraine) was captured, and the so-called "First republican TV channel" was built based on it. Donetsk Regional State Television and radio broadcasting company (OGTRK) was re-registered as a legal entity in the city of Kramatorsk which has become a temporary administrative center of the Donetsk region in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. All productive facilities of the broadcaster have remained in the occupied Donetsk. In Kramatorsk the regional broadcasting company is actually built anew. Since the beginning of the restoration of its work the company did not even have its own product for broadcasting due to lack of the simplest means of production such as camcorders.

Now the regional TV and Radio broadcasting company broadcasts under the logo "DoTebe" and is in the process of recovery. The regional broadcaster does not have any own surveys neither in Kramatorsk, nor in Kiev. Issues of airtime filling are partially solved by the broadcaster with the help of partners such as public association "Public TV of Donbas" and "Radio Liberty" which act as a production studios for the regional state TV company.

Other channels positioned themselves as regional are absent in the region. Some television broadcasting companies work in the cities of the Donetsk region such as Krasnoarmeysk and Slavyansk, but they cover mainly local issues and events almost without producing its own analytical products. Several offices of TV channels are located in Mariupol, but most of them are controlled by Rinat Akhmetov's businesses and partially perform the functions of the press service and advertising agencies for them.

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